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Article 42 of the Constitution

Tbilisi, Georgia
Joined May 2016
Presence in: Georgia
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Criminal Justice, Traditional / Customary Justice

Article 42 of the Constitution is a non-government organization operating in the sphere of protection of human rights facilitating the protection of civic and political rights and freedoms, as well as protection of other fundamental rights recognized by international law; harmonization of state policy and national legislation with international standards; and improvement of public legal awareness through efficient legal proceedings, strengthening of target groups, and participating in civic monitoring, surveys, analysis, and lawmaking initiatives.

Our goals

Facilitate the introduction and implementation of the rights specified in article 42 and other articles of the Constitution of Georgia, European Convention on Human Rights and other international agreements;

Introduce the principle of supremacy of the law;

Support the improvement of the Court system ofGeorgia;

Support human rights advocates in performing their work, including improvement of professional level of lawyers;

Improve legal culture and of legal awareness;

Facilitate legal education.

Our objectives

The objective of Article 42 of the Constitution is to significantly contribute to the formation of the rule of law that will be based on the principles of supremacy of the law, where protection of human rights will be guaranteed. The activities shall include:

Study of international experience in the sphere of human rights protection;

Strategic litigations within the country and protection of human rights in international organizations;

Analysis of legislation in force and efforts directed to its improvement;

Cooperation with local and international human rights protection organizations, including professional associations of lawyers;

Carry out educational activities;

Carry out information campaign related with human rights protection.

People Associated With This Organization

Ahmed Jiya

Article 42 of the Constitution (Unverified)
Joined January 2018
Interests: Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Justice, Family, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods
i want to get myself aware about various law in simple and people friendly language

Nikoloz Legashvili

Article 42 of the Constitution
Joined May 2016
Interests: Criminal Justice
Nikoloz Legashvili graduated from Tbilisi State University, Law faculty in 1996. He is a founding member of the Georgian Bar Association and focuses on disability rights and advocacy for the homeless.

He has been affiliated with various institutions including the German Institute for Human Rights, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, European Human Rights Advocacy Centre, Research Institute for Human Rights and Social Justice, Polish-American Fulbright Commission, and many more.

Until now, he has won 2 cases before the European Court of Human Rights, Gorgiladze v. Georgia and Panjikidze and others v. Georgia. Currently he is working a number of cases pending before the ECHR. He was successful in several cases (Shavliashvili vs. Georgia, Chantsev vs. Georgia, Valeri Japaridze vs. Georgia) to get immediate medical care for prisoners by using Interim Measure (Rule number 39) before ECHR.

In 2015/2016 he received the Krzysztof Skubiszewski research grant from The Krzysztof Skubiszewski Foundation. He plans to continue study on his doctoral degree and is looking for funding and acceptance from the University. His PHD thesis is: "Political constraints on the international courts and tribunals and its influence on national legal systems".
Nikoloz Legashvili is the network champion (main point of contact) for Article 42 of the Constitution.

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