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Asia Catalyst

New York, United States
Joined March 2021

We work in Asia, currently with programming in Thailand and Myanmar. We build human rights documentation and advocacy capacity of grassroots groups.

Presence in: Myanmar, Thailand, United States
Focus: Health

 Asia Catalyst builds strong civil society to advance the right to health for marginalized groups in Asia. We partner with and train leaders of community-based organizations to conduct rigorous human rights research and advocacy, meet high standards of effective and democratic governance, and establish a stable foundation for future growth. We are an independent organization that places the needs of marginalized communities at the center of national, regional, and international policymaking.

Across Asia, communities including people living with HIV, sex workers, people who use drugs, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people face serious challenges in ensuring a broad array of human rights, including protection against discrimination. Some lack necessary skills and many lack the resources to successfully address the human rights violations they face. Asia Catalyst responds to the expressed needs of these communities with focused and tailored training, research, and support for emerging civil society leaders and organizations in the region.

People Associated With This Organization

Karyn Kaplan

United States  
Asia Catalyst
Joined March 2021
Interests: Gender-based violence, Health, Other, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights
I've been an HIV and human rights activist since the 80s, when I worked with LGBTQ+ communities in New York and sex workers in Thailand, and for the past three decades devoted my life to supporting and participating in community-based and community-led work to fight for the human rights of some of society's most unjustly criminalized groups, including people who use drugs, sex workers, and LGBTIQ+ people. I have both founded and led successful nongovernmental organizations, in Thailand and the US, and together with networks of grassroots activists pushed for access to lifesaving generic HIV medications for low-and middle-income countries when only rich countries had it, and brought attention to LGBT. human rights at the United Nations in the context of HIV when few were doing so and against great political, religious, and other resistance, and supported one of the most successful anti-drug war movements led by Thai drug users in the face of a repressive crackdown that led to the murder of 3,000 "alleged" people involved with drugs in the first 3 months of the Prime Minister's campaign. It would be a huge honor to share experiences and learn from the members of this extraordinary network toward the great goal of access to justice for all.

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