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Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration – ASGI

Torino, Italy
Joined February 2017

ASGI is a membership-based association of lawyers, professors and activists focusing on all legal aspects of immigration, citizenship, statelessness and discrimination.

Presence in: Italy
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Other, Right to Information

The Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI) is a membership-based association focusing on all legal aspects of immigration. As a pool of lawyers, academics, consultants and civil society representatives, ASGI’s expertise relates to various areas of immigration and migrants’ rights, including but not limited to antidiscrimination and xenophobia, children’s and  unaccompanied minors’ rights, asylum and refugee seekers, statelessness and citizenship.

ASGI’s members provide their contribution at various levels: administrative, policy-making and legal, both in national and European contexts.

ASGI implemented the OUT OF LIMBO in partnership with Associazione 21 Luglio and Fondazione Romanì and supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations, aimed to change the policies, regulations and practices that perpetuate the lack of a legal status by undocumented and stateless migrants of Roma origin in Italy, by:

– strengthening the legal competences and advocacy capacity of Roma and non Roma practitioners working with Roma communities and their links with expert lawyers, so that they can play the role of “community-based paralegals”;
– building a national network of Roma and non Roma “community-based paralegals”;
– promoting strategic litigations on this issue; d) promoting evidence-based advocacy at local and national level;
– increasing the visibility of the issue on traditional and social media, in order to build the consensus on the need for change.

People Associated With This Organization

Giulia Perin

Association for Juridical Studies on...
Joined February 2017
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Family, Right to Information
When I was at the last year of the law school, I read an article in a magazine written by the detainees in the prison in the city where I lived. It was written by a foreigner detainee. The message was how happy he would be if someone could help him writing a letter to obtain the rights he was entitled to, since he didn't know them and he was not proficient in the language. These words really spoke to me. I wrote him a letter offering my help, even if of course I knew very few things, being only a law student. The editorial board answered me and a friendship with some detainees started. It has been with them that I set up some years later a legal clinic in Padova, exporting the model of "Avvocato di Strada" (The street lawyer] an association founded in Bologna to help homeless people. Many years later, In 2012, ASGI started a project founded by Open Society foundations promoting the right of stateless Roma to a legal status, through paralegals help (Out of Limbo).
Giulia Perin is the network champion (main point of contact) for Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration – ASGI.

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