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Bali Legal Aid (LBH Bali)

Bali, Indonesia
Joined December 2016
Presence in: Indonesia
  • The creation of a system of law society built up over the order of social relationships just and civilized / humane democratically
  • The creation of a legal and administrative systems are capable of providing procedures (procedures) and institutions through which any party can acquire and enjoy legal justice
  • The creation of a system of economic, political and cultural open access for all parties to help determine any decision relating to their interests and ensure that the entire system while respecting and upholding human rights.
  1. Encouraging political transformation based on the people’s movement and gender
  2. Promoting and ensuring the fight for economic rights, social and cultural rights must be implemented
  3. Strengthen the enforcement of the protection of civil rights and politics. It is absolutely necessary to support the efforts to promote and to strive rights with civil and political.