Barkatullah University , hoshangabad road bhopal
BHOPAL, 0755 462026



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mona purohit

Added on: Aug 09, 2019

it is government institution, barkatullah .imparting education in the field of social science ,other science and law .

Its a State university,Situated in Madhya Pradesh Bhopal ,India .Recognised by University Grant Commission and accredited by NAAC.


mona purohit

work as a mentor and leader for spreading knowledge about various legal issues including gender justice, human rights , humanitarian laws, right to information, environmental laws, law of evidence, international law,jurisprudence and various substantive and procedural laws of land. being head of the law department of a university spread awareness and sensitized students towards rights of the vulnerable groups and protection thereof. I am sure that this network will help me to perform my role in a better way after getting the relevant information and sharing experiences of other countries. I will also learn how to cope up with my limitations and contribute towards the society in a better way.