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Biakwan Light Green Initiative

Boki, Nigeria
Joined March 2021

Our organization works in the last rainforest belt in Cross River State Nigeria. Our mission is to empower forest dependent people to stand up using customary laws to protect their forest.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights

Biakwan light is a community based working with the forest communities arond the Afi forest Reserve in Nigeria using three main strategies , community forest initiatives, community development, water sanitation and hygiene using right based approaches.

People Associated With This Organization

Peter Bette

Biakwan Light Green Initiative
Joined March 2021
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights
My name is Peter Oru Bette the team leader/ CEO of Biakwan Light a community -Based organization form by the forest dependent people of Biakwan community in Boki Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria. An environmental right activist and forest defender working to empower the community people to manage their land and its resources in a way that will meet the needs of the present and future generations. I hold a master degree in Environmental science, climate and society. I have being working with this organization for 20 years as and activist and climate change policy analyst. In Nigeria and in Cross River there is high incidence of land grabbing and uncontrolled logging activities sponsored by multinationals, government and its agents depriving forest dependent people from benefiting from their natural endowments .Therefore there need to empower the community people to demand for a review of the State Forestry Law to manage their resources using customary law in a way that will benefit while restoring dignity to nature.
Peter Bette is the network champion (main point of contact) for Biakwan Light Green Initiative.

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