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Braveheart Foundation

Our vision: Rising A New Era. Myanmar becomes a country with democratic practices strengthened and well flourished, and striving towards development.

Presence in: Myanmar
Focus: Citizenship & Identification

BRAVEHEART Foundation is a local organization assisting Myanmars on citizenship and ethnic rights issues whilst respecting human rights. BRAVEHEART actively engages in democratization process in Myanmar by amplifying public concerns into policy making. It also partners with like-minded organizations and individuals to produce collective voices and advocacy efforts.

People Associated With This Organization

Myat Zaw Htwe

Braveheart Foundation
Joined June 2022
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
My native country is Myanmar. Now, I am working as a program coordinator at a Local NGO which is implementing the Citizenship issue project and ethnic rights by using the community-based paralegal model.

San Seng

Braveheart Foundation
Joined June 2022
Interests: Citizenship & Identification
I am San Seng, a local coordinator and our organization working for Citizenship rights , Ethnic rights and Paralegal. We have 5 paralegals and 1 local coordinator in this project. As I am currently in the management level, I have to facilitate the staff in implementing the projects to reach the target as we planned and regularly monitoring the activities and arrange the weekly meeting to give the feedback to paralegals. Besides, I need to write a monthly report, and send it to the Director for the detail information. In addition, it is essential to finish a quarterly report in time for the Funding organization to build mutual trust between us by informing and showing our integrity and commitment to our responsibilities. In our project, we also focus on access to justice and Community empowerment. So I have decided to actively participate in learning legal empowerment to understand more and apply at our jobs to more effective on the Community engagement.

Yadana Than Htaik

Braveheart Foundation
Joined March 2017
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency
Along with recent transition periods towards democratization, Myanmar is opened and facing with various experiences of both good and bad. Unquestionably, its people has been oppressed by various dictators throughout the history. Once they enter new era, everything is new to us including the philosophy of paralegal.
As one of the active leading members of Myanmar National Paralegal Network, I myself am devoted to nurture and flourish the group to effectively and efficiently serve needy people. With this sense, we are desperate to learn from others what and how they keep their networks and collective efforts on the go.

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