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Indonesia, Indonesia
Joined May 2020

Your emotional and legal guidance support systems

Presence in: Indonesia
Focus: Criminal Justice, Women's Rights

The COVID-19 pandemic led the Indonesian government to impose regional lockdown in several areas as an effort to reduce the spread of the virus.

This policy requires most people to carry out their duties from home and have impacted many aspects, such as the economy, education, to changes in people’s behavior and daily routines. Increase in social media activities as a way for workers and students to carry out their duties from home also increased the occurrence of cases of cyberbullying.

The vulnerability of domestic violence cases are also increasing due to the implementation of the work from home system. Not only that, the layoffs carried out by a number of companies and resulting in an increase in unemployment also affected the mental condition of the people during the pandemic. The victims of these actions need help, although current conditions do not allow them to go outside of the house. Bullyid is presented to enable them to get help by staying at home still.

Bullyid as a platform that focuses on the protection of victims of bullying and violence, for the rampant mental health cases that occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bullyid provides free emotional and legal guidance supports through live chat for cyberbullying, physical and mental abuse victims as well as helping people to remove their unwanted intimate pimage/videos that shared online without their consent.

People Associated With This Organization

Agita Pasaribu

Joined May 2020
Interests: Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence, Women's Rights
Agita Pasaribu is currently the Founder and CEO of Bullyid, a British start-up that integrates Artificial Intelligence with psychologists & lawyers, to provide tele-health and tele-legal services for physical abuse and cyberbullying victims.

In Indonesia, Bullyid (Foundation) works with trained volunteers to provide online free mental health and legal knowledge support for victims of cyberbullying and is incorporated as not-for-profit organization.

Bullyid dedicates to bring equality and justice accessible for everyone by raising awareness towards mental health and law enforcement.

Agita has been advocating for progressive youth-related policies at various diplomatic and international forums to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Prior to founding Bullyid, Agita has contributed to youth empowerment initiatives both national and internationally for over a decade. She has co-founded Tweet Kuliah, Instilling Learning for Malaysian Unity, led Safer Internet Day 2020 celebrations in 11 countries and Youth IGF Movement (UN IGF recognised global youth initiative) in over 35 countries.

Her biggest interests are utilizing technology to solve deep social issues worldwide and benefiting the most vulnerable in society. Agita contribution and commitment to youth empowerment has been recognized and celebrated globally, she has been advocating to the UN, ITU and WHO on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to detect early symptoms of mental health illness on social media and to reduce cyberbullying cases.

Agita is the AI Ethics & Legal Advisor at the Care Innovation Corporation, expert member at the AI Policy Exchange, as well as part of working group member of WHO SDG 3.4 Global Youth, UN Major Group for Children & Youth and ITU-Indonesia Concern Forum. She is a Fred J. Hansen Fellow, ILive2Lead International Young Women’s Alumnae, Southeast Asia Young Leader and Global Strategic Leadership Award 2019 “Social Cause Category” awardee from the AAFT University of Media & Arts and Top 10 of Asia & Starplanet.

Agita shared about “Experiencing Diversity” from her travel journey at TEDxTalk. She received LL.B (Criminal Law) from the University of Indonesia and M.A in International Relations-ASEAN Studies focusing on open data policy, open government partnership, cyberspace in Southeast Asia from University of Malaya.
Agita Pasaribu is the network champion (main point of contact) for BULLYID INDONESIA.

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