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Center for Civic Cooperation

Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Joined November 2017

The Center for Civic Cooperation is a non-governmental organization which promotes active citizen participation in the life of the community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Presence in: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Focus: Labor & Employment

Since its creation, the Center for Civic Cooperation has conducted many initiatives including training programs for young journalists from all ethnic groups, creating six non-governmental organizations in south-western BiH, establishing the first independent radio station and trade union in the region and 157 Local Communities. Today, the Center works to promote civic and political participation in Bosnia and Herzegovina aimed at improving political, social, and economic conditions for citizens. Other activities are focused on sustainable return and economic revitalization projects for returnee agricultural communities; organized trainings on the establishment of agricultural women cooperatives and organic production to encourage rural development.

The Center for Civic Cooperation has 21 years of experience in human rights and democracy building in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the area of labour rights, we supported the formation of the Canton 10 High School Trade Union; act as a resource center for disenfranchised workers; established the Workers’ Rights Coalition, an informal network of trade unions and NGOs that facilitates capacity building of trade unions through solidarity and resource sharing, and currently numbers 84 members; in 2013 launched the publication “Register of Good Employers” to highlight examples of good practice among employers towards employees and to encourage consumers to take this into consideration when choosing goods and services; conducted a survey among workers (2016) showed they are insufficiently informed about individual and collective rights and how to attain those rights. We have also provided assistance to over 3,500 workers through free legal aid and organized education for workers and TUs on labor legislation and collective bargaining.

People Associated With This Organization

Zulka Baljak

Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Center for Civic Cooperation
Joined November 2017
Interests: Labor & Employment
▪ Responsible for the establishment of the Center for Civic Cooperation in Livno in 1996, the first non-profit organization in South-Western Bosnia and Herzegovina with an emphasis on promoting civil society and inter-ethnic tolerance
▪ Conducts research, development, design and implementation of programs to strengthen and develop civil society, including initiatives that focus on local government, corruption, elections, workers rights and building the local NGO sector.
▪ Responsible for the establishment of free legal aid for workers whose rights have been violated through service and legal empowerment of workers and trade unions.
▪ By joining the Network we expect exchange of information and experiences than cooperation with organizations and individuals involved in similar activities.
Zulka Baljak is the network champion (main point of contact) for Center for Civic Cooperation.

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