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Center for International Human Rights, Northwestern University School of Law

Chicago, United States
Joined January 2015
Presence in: United States

The Center for International Human Rights (CIHR) works toward securing human rights for individuals around the globe. Essential efforts focus on researching and addressing emerging human rights issues as they occur, as well as providing valuable clinical experiences for students interested in the protection of human rights on a global scale. The Northwestern Access to Health Project, an interdisciplinary global health and human rights partnership, is part of the Center.

People Associated With This Organization

Alexandra Tarzikhan

United States  
Center for International Human Rights,...
Joined March 2021
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Environmental Justice, Health, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
I am the Schuette Clinical Fellow in Health and Human Rights working at the Center for International Human Rights at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. I have a dual degree in Law and a Master in Public Health from Northeastern University School of Law and Tufts University School of Medicine and my interests lie in the fields of Human Rights, Global Health, and Migration. I grew up in Syria and worked in several refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Greece. I am looking for professional development opportunities, to attend webinars, and expand my network!

Liam White

United States  
Center for International Human Rights,... (Unverified)
Joined February 2018
Interests: Environmental Justice, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Livelihoods, Women's Rights
Student interested in Global Health interventions

Nora Ahmetaj

Center for International Human Rights,... (Unverified)
Joined April 2016
Interests: Criminal Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Livelihoods
My path to human rights advocacy came out of my experience during the armed conflict in Kosovo, when I conducted investigations of war and crimes against humanity for the Humanitarian Law Centre. Inspired by a profound need to seek reconciliation and the right to truth for victims and former adversaries of the Kosovo conflict, om 2010 I founded the Center for Research, Documentation, and Publication (CRDP) to help heal the scars of warfare and restore the dignity of the victims. The mission of CRDP is to develop mechanisms related to Dealing with the Past through research, documentation, publication and advocacy.

During the course of my work, I have grappled with the following questions: first, how can people who are traumatized by war and human rights violations regain trust of other citizens and state institutions? Second, how can people overcome their violent past to build a common and peaceful future? The Balkan civil wars in the 1990s, and especially the Kosovo war, have left communities in a state of despair, distrust and hostility towards each other. In Kosovo, peaceful transformation will be a long and complex process. Transitional justice is not a static process exclusively reliant on the rule of law and the work of security institutions and courts. Restorative justice is mainly to be achieved through dialogue, restoration of dignity of victims and their integration, and the restitution of relations between conflicting parties.
Women were part of my research, and as a feminist and human rights research, i was in particular perplexed by rape during the war.
Moving to an international level is my goal now, and i see this global initiative as the best start.

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