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Marilia Gabriella Batista dos Santos

Added on: Jan 18, 2019

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At CAJPHR, our vision is to achieve a peaceful Africa with an effective judicial system and respect for human rights. Our mission is to advance peace, justice and human rights in Africa.

The Centre for African Justice, Peace and Human Rights (CAJPHR) is a foundation which has its official seat in the municipality of The Hague (Netherlands). We engage in promoting justice, peace and human rights through education, awareness, campaign, training, outreach (Legal/Medical) and capacity building in Africa.

How best can people know their rights or claim same except through awareness, education and training? How best can people learn to maintain peace? How best can justice be promoted and applied. To an extent the answer to theses questions revolves around education, campaign, capacity building, training and awareness, etc.

We have planned many events aimed at creating awareness, educating and training people to know their rights and what help is available to them in the event of violation. Our brilliant and enthusiastic Committee members help us in designing strategies for tackling common issues that hinder peace, justice and human rights in Africa and around the world.

We lobby and collaborate with private individuals, non governmental organizations, institutions and governments to promote justice, peace and human rights through different avenues.

Through the voluntary actions of individuals who have chosen to share our goals and pursue our interests, we conduct trainings, campaigns, rallies, symposiums, and town hall meetings. We distribute books and other informative materials on peace, justice and human rights. We host television and radio programmes on subjects related to our values, vision and mission. We also invite experts and practitioners from different parts of the world to Africa, to build capacity of their contemporaries and exchange ideas on peace, justice and human rights. In general, we engage in dialogues for justice, peace and human rights in Africa.

CAJPHR is committed to:

  • Capacity Building
  • Prosecuting Sexual Violence Against Males
  • Women Empowerment
  • The Right to Quality Education

Marilia Gabriella Batista dos Santos

Bachelor of Laws. Degree in History. Specialization in International Law (completed) and English-Portuguese Translation (in progress). Master in European and International Law from. Brazilian Bar examination approval. Member of the Commission of International Law in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - ending term on 31 December 2018. I currently work as a Legal Researcher Volunteer for the Centre for African Justice, Peace and Human Rights (CAJPHR), in The Hague (Netherlands). I am a team member of the 'Capacity Building Project in International Criminal Law'. The project provides judges, prosecutors, and other legal professionals with information on how they can investigate international crimes and execute justice in their domestic jurisdiction, after a gross violation of international humanitarian law.