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Centre for Empowerment of Females with Disabilities (CEFED)

Santa, Cameroon
Joined February 2019

CEFED seeks to promote education and empowerment of Children with Disabilities (CWDs) so as to break the vicious cycle of poverty and disabilities, reduce exclusion and enhance community participation

Presence in: Cameroon
Focus: Education, Family, Other, Right to Information, Women's Rights

CEFED envisages a future in which every child with disability (CWD) has equal access to opportunities and enjoys quality life in all dimensions in an inclusive society. In this regard, the Centre aims to commits itself to children with disabilities and their families, empower them spiritually, physically, emotionally; and raise awareness on disability-related issues in the community to promote inclusive development. This application is made on the basis of community sentitisations and advocacies on the rights of persons (children) with disabilities.

• To protect and promote the rights of the girl child;
• To protect and promote the rights of children with disabilities and enhance social inclusion;
• To impact children with disabilities with basic self-care skills to promote independent living;
• Enhance accessibility to education for learners with disabilities in accessible environments;

• To sensitise and educate families and community members on the rights of persons (children) with disabilities, hence reduce societal stigmatisation and discrimination;
In order to attain the above objectives, CEFED carries out the following activities:
– Media and community disability awareness raising;
– Evangelistic and social outreach;
– Residential and day schooling for children with and without disabilities (Full and Partial Inclusion);
– Training of teachers in special needs education;
– Advocacy on rights of persons with disabilities and the girl child;
– Vocational craftworks for children with disabilities;
– Support to parents on care for their CWDs;
– Health consultations and referrals for CWDs;
– Basic counselling to persons and families affected with disabilities;
– Annual family retreats for families of Persons With Disabilities;

People Associated With This Organization

Emmanuel Chia

Centre for Empowerment of Females with...
Joined February 2019
Interests: Education, Right to Information, Women's Rights
My Name is Emmanuel Chia; Program Officer for the Centre for Empowerment of Females with Disabilities (CEFED), Bamenda, Cameroon. I am a qualified Social Worker in Cameroon and also hold a BSc in Journalism and Mass Communications and Masters in Public Health. My main interest for the past 10 years has been disability inclusion. From 2015, I have been actively involved in empowerment of persons with disabilities through formal education, sensitisations on their rights, socio economic empowerment and livelihoods. My main interest in the network is to share ideas and experiences and learn more about enhancing and promoting rights of persons with disabilities especially in communities like in Cameroon where little attention is paid to improving life for such categories of persons due to the myth surrounding disabilities.
Emmanuel Chia is the network champion (main point of contact) for Centre for Empowerment of Females with Disabilities (CEFED).

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