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Centre for Human Rights Enforcement & Prisoners Aid (CHREPA)

Sunyani, Ghana
Joined July 2012
Presence in: Ghana

The Centre for Human Rights Enforcement & Prisoners Aid (CHREP-Aid) is a non-profit and a charitable organization that works to promote the welfare of vulnerable and marginalised groups especially prisoners and people in detention in Ghana. The founder of CHREP-Aid Ghana, Lawyer Kwaku Antwi-Agyei, based his strong conviction to advocate for the enforcement of human rights to eradicate injustice from the Ghanaian Penal System and to advocate for a Justice System where Prison Homes shall become Reformative Centres. The organization is based in Sunyani, Ghana.

CHREP-Aid is a not-for-profit campaigning for the rights of people in prison and the progressive reform of the Ghanaian Penal System. CHREP-Aid has a well established voice in public debate on the Ghanaian Justice System. CHREP-Aid recognizing the current Human Rights state in Ghana has developed a three-fold strategy to deal with the adverse social and legal situation in Ghana, such as:

 Providing direct legal services to the less fortunate members of the society and Prisoners under Trials;
 Developing a strong chain of liaison with various human rights organizations;
 Organising and facilitating workshops and seminars to spread awareness about the Human Rights violations which are going in silence due to non-availability of correct channels to address the issue.