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Borges Beatriz

Added on: Aug 30, 2018

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Justice and Peace Center or CEPAZ works to promote democracy, human rights and peace.

Over the past few years, the Centro de Justicia y Paz (Justice and Peace Center or CEPAZ) has identified and trained a citizen network of potential human rights defenders in Venezuela. We believe that to empower citizen in human rights is the best way to transform the societaty. These citizen defenders had no previous human rights training, but sprang into action in response to increased human rights violations, especially in the regions where there are fewer established human rights organizations. Through theoretical and practical trainings, CEPAZ is educating grassroots leaders on human rights norms, and build their capacity to document and denounce violations. Also, CEPAZ facilitate increased interaction among state-level networks, and between new citizen defenders and more established human rights organizations.



Borges Beatriz

I am Lawyer with a masters degree in Political Action and Citizen Participation, also with specialized in Human Rights and more than twelve years of experience working for public and private organizations in Venezuela. In 2012, I founded the Centro de Justicia y Paz (Justice and Peace Center or CEPAZ) how works to promote democracy, human rights and peace. CEPAZ works with grassroots groups to accompany their efforts and demand increased judicial accountability. In collaboration with traditional human rights groups, journalists, students and other activists, CEPAZ articulates and raises voices in the national and international arena to denounce human rights violations and demand respect for international norms and standards.


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