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Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP)

Kaduna, Nigeria
Joined July 2019

Our mission is to present a veritable platforms of engagement for children and young people in hard to reach local communities in Nigeria.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Citizenship, Corruption, Economic Empowerment, Education, Governance, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights

The organization works in Nigeria.The headquarter of the organization is located in Kaduna state,north west Nigeria.The organization has been in existence for over eight years working in key thematic areas of peace building,preventing violent extremism among the youths,peace education,conflict prevention and resolution,deradicalization,agriculture,women and youth empowerment,entrepreneurship and advocacy networks.The organization vision statement is to reach out to children on time,to educate and enlighten them on the culture of dialogue,tolerance,patience and love in so that as they grow up they can grow up with it.

People Associated With This Organization

Dennis Ekwere

Children and Young People Living for...
Joined September 2016
Interests: Access to Information, Economic Empowerment, Education, Environmental Justice, Family, Gender-based violence, Governance, Health, Housing & Sanitation, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Traditional / Customary Justice
I am a social entrepreneur running a social enterprise in Nigeria and across Africa. I work as voice for the voiceless children and women in hard to reach communities. I speak up against abuse and exploitation and join voice with communities to ask questions, demand answers and get justice for all.

As advocacy blogger, I bring to the fore topical issues that concerns children and women's rights to policy makers, government of the people such that policies are framed for the good of people. I help the weak become strong through education, information and entertainment. I train, raise and mentor volunteers at different communities, then co-design home grown solutions to their local social challenges.

As influencer, I create veritable platforms for dialogue through interfaith and ethno- cultural forums; where grievances could be ventilated for redressed and where people can talk about what binds us together the more. Over the years, I have empowered youths and women through digital and vocational skills acquisition for job creation, especially through the use of agricultural value chain.

As public speaker, I shared my business model with young entrepreneurs which have sparked a new spirit in them. I speak human rights and work to translate this rights in the lives of everyday people. I speak to promote the rule of law, good governance, democracy and equal access to justice for all.

Recognizing the power of the social media, I use the space to dispel, disrupt and deconstruct negative narratives that can breed stereotype, hate and radicalization leading to violent extremism and terrorism. I use the space to nib new recruitment into violent extreme groups by young Nigerians and offer them loose space as volunteers in my organization for social good.

summarily, I am an advocate of SDGs. I simply localize them all at grassroot and play the simple part.

Enobong Ekwere

Children and Young People Living for...
Joined July 2019
Interests: Citizenship, Education, Gender-based violence, Governance, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
My names are Enobong Ekwere,lam a Nigerian citizen resident in Nigeria.lam a youth advocate who loves to see social reforms in the society.l worked tirelessly to ensure that great societal change is achieved in my immediate community and beyond.My interest and commitment towards peace education and peace building stems from my childhood years to adulthood.l have a strong desire and passion for community service and volunteerism,and this made me to work as a volunteer for many years for both national and international non governmental organizations.As a youth advocate who loves to see social reforms in the society, I have made tremendous achievements in engaging in social works,advocacy and sensitization campaigns and programs to address social problems that can lead to resentment among individuals or communities which can degenerate into conflicts.l have made frantic effort in discouraging hate speeches,spread of fake news,inciting statements, but promoting peaceful behaviour and harmonious living among local communities.lam also a strong advocate of human rights both online and offline.My advocacy tours have yielded positive results as many warring communities have chosen the path of peace rather than violence to settle their differences.My working experience as a volunteer with a locally youth driven and youth led non governmental organization, children and young people living for peace(CYPLP)has given me the platform and the impetus to propagate and advance the course of peace building and peaceful coexistence.

Through this platform l was able to build bridges, mend broken fences and build cordial relationship between warring communities and parties to a disputes.This selfless service has endeared me to many people who cut across different socio cultural, ethnic and religious affiliations.My volunteerism works enable me to contribute my own little quota to ensure that peace is achieved in our families,communities,countries and the world at large.

ln the course of this role, l carry out advocacy initiative to unite the two major religions in Nigeria(Christianity and Islam)through a peace dialogue forum where leaders of each religious bodies,community leaders and youth leaders were in attendance to dialogue on mutual understanding,tolerance and to foster unity among the two religions.The essence was to ensure that the religious and community leaders passes the message of peace to their subjects, adherents and followers of their respective faith and communities.This forum has helped to maintain peaceful coexistence and harmonious living and reduces hostilities between communities to the barest minimum.l want to join this network so that l can synergize,brainstorm and cross fertilized ideas,knowledge,experience and expertise with like minded professionals globally for knowledge transfer and capacity building for greater social impact for societal good.

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