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Oluwafemi Ajibade

Added on: Mar 04, 2019

we are a not for profit/non-governmental organization with the aim of increasing the pace of justice delivery, promoting accountability and providing legal support for victims of human rights.

Gavel is a not for profit/non-governmental organization with the aim of increasing the pace of justice delivery by tracking court cases, promoting transparency and accountability, providing legal support for victims of human rights abuse and advocating for the rights of indigent Nigerians. We have since our inception two years ago, rigorously pursued these. Our work in these areas has revealed a gaping hole in the fabrics of the nation especially in the areas of corruption and anti-corruption campaigns, abuse and brutalization of Nigerian citizens by the police, the long and drawn out nature of criminal proceedings and procedures in Nigeria, the ever growing numbers of indigents inmates in prisons awaiting trials; some for years. We have so far continuously monitor and track anti-corruption cases in court and thereafter provided necessary data to the public on these cases. This is aimed at galvanizing the conversation around these cases and to advocate for their early resolution. We have represented numerous victims of human rights abuse in court and we have been able to get recompense for them.

In the next five years, our main priorities are to achieve through advocacy and strategic lobbying, a remarkable increase in the pace of Justice in Nigeria and in other West African Countries. We also aim to achieve a remarkable decrease in incidences of human rights abuse through policy and legal advocacy. Currently we are working collaboratively with other civil society organization to push for reforms on various legislations at the highest level of parliament in Nigeria. We intend to build on is and become a major player in the policy making process that relates to the fundamental rights of Nigerians.


Oluwafemi Ajibade

I am an experienced Legal Practitioner with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. Skilled in Human Rights Law and Advocacy. I am a strong legal professional who graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria