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154 Robert Mugabe Road

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Toindepi Mahaso

Added on: May 31, 2016

Last Updated: May 31, 2016

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A value oriented organisation that meets the ideal requirements of all its clients through results-based approach to all the legal problems faced. It is a well structured organisation with competent lawyers and staff.


Nicol Juarez

I am currently a paralegal student here in the United States of America, my background is Nicaraguan/ Guatemalan. I enjoy learning new things about the law in the U.S and as well around the world. The two places I would like to help someday is South America, Central America but mostly in Guatemala, Nicaragua being able to educate their citizen about their rights and being able to moderate them so they will not have to be afraid about the law. But know what is the law and what is not the law.

United States

Toindepi Mahaso

I am a qualified lawyer with vast experience in advocacy and litigation in courts of law. Also worked as a magistrate and ran a successful lawfirm for 10 years. Am currently running a legal aid clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe. I wish to add more value and expertise in helping people access justice and fight for their rights in courts of law and other fora. I am a passionate advocate.