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Civitas Maxima

Geneva, Switzerland
Joined February 2019

Civitas Maxima fights for justice for forgotten victims of international crimes, particularly in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast.

Presence in: Liberia, Switzerland
Focus: Criminal Justice, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

Civitas Maxima facilitates the documentation of international crimes, and pursues the redress of such crimes on behalf of victims who do not have access to justice, by:

(i) collaborating with and building the capacity of local grass-roots partners to document crimes in the state where those crimes were committed;

(ii) coordinating a network of investigators and lawyers to help victims gain access to justice and hold perpetrators accountable before foreign domestic or international courts and tribunals, however, whenever and wherever possible;

(iii) generating awareness and informed debate around victims’ cases, with a view to empowering local communities to pursue their own quests for justice.

People Associated With This Organization

Alain Werner

Civitas Maxima
Joined February 2019
Interests: Criminal Justice, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
I am a Swiss-trained lawyer with extensive experience in the investigation and prosecution of war crimes cases around the world. I have worked in international tribunals in Sierra Leone and Cambodia, and for the past six years I have been the director of Civitas Maxima. Our organization fights for justice for the forgotten victims of international crimes, with a particular focus so far on Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Ivory Coast.
Alain Werner is the network champion (main point of contact) for Civitas Maxima.

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