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Coalition for Grassroots Women Organizations

Bosaso, Somalia
Joined December 2016
Presence in: Somalia

COGWO, a network for grassroots women organizations, works for the social, political and economic empowerment of Somali women through peace promotion, women rights, capacity building and information sharing & networking. COGWO is a Coalition which was established in February 1996 following a number of meetings of very committed and visionary individuals who had been meeting since 1995. Their intensions were to seek ways of empowering women in Somalia during the breakdown of the government and the subsequent war. A lot of personal financial contributions and volunteerism on the part of the members, is the basis of the funding of COGWO. COGWO is a membership Organization that has its objectives the promotion of women concerns in the best possible manner. Its overall objective is to lay down the foundation for an effective women’s movement recognized locally and internationally. COGWO’s immediate objective has been to develop and engage its membership to focus on women’s rights as human erights, taking on board the Somali culture and the teachings of the Koran The Coalition for Grassroots Women Organizations (COGWO) is a network with 26 women organizations.  The coalition’s headquarter is located in Mogadishu. Member organizations operate in different regions ofSomaliasuch as Banadir, Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle,Lower Jubba, Hiran,  Galgadud, Bay and Bakool. The coalition members work in different social areas like education, peace, Agriculture,relief, emergency, health, development, child care and psychosocial support.