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Added on: Aug 28, 2012

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015

Colective Chuhcan, the first organization in Mexico run and managed by people with psichosotial disabilities, the word Chuhcan is a Mayan word and it means place where life is dignify, we have pair support to empower our members so they can be able to find a job by themselves, defend our own rights based in the Convention over the Rights of People with Disabilities of the United Nations, we based in the articles 12 and 19, and we have meetings every fiveteen days, we share information on our data base, we fight over the stigma by educating the socity and we’ve appeared in tv programs and in radio stations speaking about this subject, we’ve spoken in diferent universities not only in Mexico but in the U.S. too by giving our testimony of life and speaking about the Colective so we can be able to get more members to our organization, we have a women proyect so they can take a more participative role in our group, so they can feel more comfortable speaking about subjets of their kind.


Elizabetha Consuegra

My name is Elizabetha Consuegra. I am a person with a psichosocial disability, working in Colectivo Chuhcán, the only organization in Mexico City formed and directed by persdons with this condition. I began as a volunteer in 2013. One of my roles as a Proyect Coordinator is about searching for funds, like yours and others. like the Inter American Foundation. I have become a specialist , a defender, as well as an activist in human rights, specially in women´s rieghts, sexual and reproductive rights. These women are mostly forced to be sterilized even if they do not want to. We´d like to join the network because we´re sure that people in our conditions need to be understood, to recieve funds in order to get a good job, not just charity, not only in our country, but around the world.


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