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Community Assistance In Development, COMAID

Bamenda, Cameroon
Joined April 2019

COMAID works in rural communities in Cameroon, the mission is to support communities achieve sustainable development in areas of land governance, natural resource management, community empowerment.

Presence in: Cameroon
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Governance, Land & Natural Resources, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Traditional / Customary Justice, Women's Rights

COMAID was founded in January 2007 and registered on 3rd March 2007 by Cameroon Government with registration N0.010/E.29/1111/VOL.8/APPB.

COMAID was founded by a multidisciplinary team of very qualified and experienced development practitioners, who came together on the concept of “social exclusion” as the root cause for poverty. COMAID is committed to “making knowledge work” through inclusive development in rural and urban communities.

Vision: COMAID envisions a future of hard working and responsible community members enjoying self-sufficiency and sustainable livelihoods in a challenging environment.


Motor: “Making Knowledge Work”


Mission: COMAID exist to enable communities achieve sustainable development, through research, capacity building, partnership, lobbying, and field interventions in a participatory approach.

Specific objectives:

  • To assist communities especially the poor and socially excluded (women, marginalized , disadvantage groups ) have secured and equitable access to land with focus on food security
  • To promote economic activities towards income generation and employment especially of the poor, disadvantaged, marginalised and other socially excluded populations.
  • To assist communities benefit from their natural resources while maintaining a unique ecology through conservation and biodiversity protection.
  • To enhance sustainable decision making through the integration of geo-spatial tools like GIS/GPS in development
  • To strengthen capacities of community based organizations, municipal councils and government departments through training, partnership, networking and lobby/advocacy

COMAID is a member of the International Land Coalition and has supported many communities in the Mbaw plain in the North West Region to protect their land rights. COMAID is working with many communities along the Bamenda Highlands to conserve the remaining patches of afromontane forest found in the area.

People Associated With This Organization

Kenneth Tah

Community Assistance In Development,...
Joined April 2019
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Land & Natural Resources, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Traditional / Customary Justice, Women's Rights
I am called Kenneth Tah, I work as the assistant coordinator of Community Assistance In Development, COMAID based in Bamenda, Cameroon. I also double as the conservation officer. I was trained as a plant biologist but gradually has been into conservation issues for more than 10 years now notably; biodiversity conservation and natural resource management. Of late I have been involved in community land protection considering the intrinsic link between natural resource management and land. I work with local communities in the protection and better management of natural resources while securing more access to land for these communities.

In February 2018, I participated with my colleague in a co-learning workshop for ILC members organised by IIED, ILC and NAMATI in Kenya where we had the opportunity to learn about some tools being used by NAMATI for community land protection. I was particularly interested in the community by-law drafting approach to protecting land and natural resources by NAMATI. Infact, we are mainstreaming this action in all our community activities. The paralegal system of legal empowerment of individuals in community to be able to support and defend community rights was also very inspiring. We are now using these methods to empower our local communities to be able to stand for their rights.

I want to be part of this network for two reasons; personal capacity strengthening on workable methods to defend community land and resource rights, and to be able to get answer or suggestions on the constraints and challenges I will face while working with local communities. I believe that I need sufficient capacity on ways of using the existing customary and formal laws to be in favour of the local communities is a system where poverty is structural. NAMATI has a wide and deep understanding of the legal lapses that leads to violation or abuse of the rights of communities. I really hope to be part of this platform to gain from their expertise and experience. Everyday in the field we encounter new challenges with protection of land and resource rights of our communities, through this forum I should be able to bring onboard the difficulties we are facing in the field for possible answers .
Kenneth Tah is the network champion (main point of contact) for Community Assistance In Development, COMAID.

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