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Conseil Des Organisations Des Femmes Agissant En Synergie (COFAS)

Baraka, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Joined May 2018

We work in south-kivu in the DRC, We are a synergy of women's organizations that defend human rights and legal empowerment. we prevent and combat sexual violence and plead for the the respect of law.

Presence in: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Education, Family, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Right to Information, Traditional / Customary Justice, Women's Rights

Le Conseil des Organisations des Femmes Agissant en Synergie “COFAS” or the council of women’s organization working in synergy has been founded on 25th November 2010 for finding solutions to some negative constant observed on behalf of the Congolese community, the knowledge about gender, Children and women’s rights, the regular war in the country, production health, preventing and combating sexual violence against women and girls and gender based violence.

Our main office is located in Katanga/Baraka city/fizi-DR Congo

Our mission is to eradicate all problems listed above.

The principal programs of our organization are that contribute to the Human rights promotion and legal empowerment are:

  • Advocacy on gender issues
  • Fighting against sexual violence
  • Combating poverty
  • Legal empowerment
  • Community and reproductive health (prevent HIV/AIDS and STDs)


All these programs listed above contribute to the empowerment of human rights and the respect of the law and helps women to be able to defend their own rights of others.


Here are some organs that have different responsabilities in the organisation

GENERALE ASSEMBLEE:  this is the supreme organ of the organization, it takes all decision on how should the organization should work which meets once a year.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: this organ has five members, this organ executes the decisions taken by the general assembly and they meet twice a year.

MONITORING AND EVALUATION: The monitoring and evaluation department assure the internal control and report to the general assembly, it controls all department and it has three members

THE EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT: this is the organ that manages daily the organization, realize the synergy goals, execute its programs; present the narrative and financial to the general assembly, looks for funds and represents COFAS to other organization, this is formed by eleven members.

COFAS works in the entire South-Kivu province through his member organizations.

People Associated With This Organization

Ecilo Mulubi

Democratic Republic of the Congo  
Conseil Des Organisations Des Femmes...
Joined May 2018
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Justice, Family, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information, Women's Rights
ECILO MULUBI Chinois is my name, I am Congolese living and working with COFAS in the South-Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the Assistant Executive Secretarial in charge of programs and administration. I have much experience in humanitarian assistance as I worked for RADHF which the network of organization working on Human rights from 2006-2010, I also worked for FFD which is the women association for Development from 2012-2016 and From 2016 up today I am working with COFAS where I am the second personality of the permanent organ.
In all my last jobs I had responsibility positions respectively field agent supervisor, program manager, where I worked to, defend human rights and contribute to the respect of the law in all cases where I was implicated.
I have a strong experience in program management, administration advocacy and human rights defense.
My priority is to see both, human rights and the law respected at all levels.
Ecilo Mulubi is the network champion (main point of contact) for Conseil Des Organisations Des Femmes Agissant En Synergie (COFAS).

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