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Consumer Association the Quality of Life-EKPIZO

Athens, Greece
Joined November 2017

I am a legal counselor at EKPIZO. As a certified negotiator my focus areas of practice in EKPIZO are consumer complaints in several issues that i try to solve putting the right into consumer's hands.

Presence in: Greece
Focus: Livelihoods

EKPIZO – Consumers’ Association “The Quality of Life” was established in 1988, protects consumer rights, improves their quality of life and activate them. It is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and accredited association, administered by a Council of 7 members elected every 3 years.

It has 23.757 members, 14 employees and 41 volunteers.

Our financial resources are from members’ fees, collective actions, and subsidies from national / European/international institutions.

EKPIZO is a member of POMEK (Pan-Hellenic Federation of Consumer Associations), BEUC(The European Consumer Organization), ANEC(European Consumer Organization for Standardization), EU Health Alliance(Network for Health-Medicines issues), EFIN(European Financial Inclusion Network), Consumers International, and Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue.

We have provided reliable-accountable information and services to over 405.000 consumers; we are independent from political-economic interests and cooperate with any private or governmental entity for consumer’s protection.

Since 2000, our legal-out of court actions have helped our members to get back over 21 million euro illegally withheld by companies.

EKPIZO has so far carried out around 100 EU-national projects, is represented in 39 committees, it has 3.822 web visitors/month and 10.089 Facebook followers.

People Associated With This Organization

Myrofora Vatziou

Consumer Association the Quality of...
Joined November 2017
Interests: Education, Livelihoods, Right to Information
I am a lawyer and legal counselor at EKPIZO ( Consumer Association The Quality of Life). I am a certified negotiator and my focus areas of practice in EKPIZO are : consumer complaints handling on telecommunications , defective products, online purchases,private insurance companies and aesthetic salons. Also I am specialized on the main issue that Greece is facing the last decade : the debt settlement with Bank Companies in case of over-indebted consumers. I have also participation in collective and class actions that EKPIZO is running.During my discussions with consumers I explain them in a simple language their rights and how they should defend them, giving them the ability to be active ; alsoI support them over their dispute and represent them before justice.
Since the Network puts the law at peoples' hands as I do everyday, I am very much interested to join it, enrich my experience and communicate mine,
Myrofora Vatziou is the network champion (main point of contact) for Consumer Association the Quality of Life-EKPIZO.

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