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Coordination des Organizations Des Musulmans Centrafricains (COMUC)

Bangui, Central African Republic
Joined August 2017

We run reserch on human rights violation, we support education. We promote peace and coexistance through workshops out reach and negotiation. We support women through micro finance and more...

Presence in: Central African Republic
Focus: Citizenship, Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Education, Women's Rights

Coordination des Organizations des Musulmans Centrafricains (COMUC) is a platform of distinguish nonprofit organizations in the Central African Republic founded on 2014 in objective to defend the rights of the minority and promote peace and coexistence between the parties in conflict in the country.
Since it creation COMUC has been working side by side with the Central African Government, the international community and various international organizations that are operating in the country in different fields and always closely with the US Embassy in Bangui.
COMUC officially represented the Muslims minority in Forum of Bangui on 2015 in which the country got its actual constitution and helped organize the elections on 2016.
COMUC has participated in many peace talks aiming to establish the country as well as investing in humanitarian actions to assist displaced people, organizing workshops to promote peace and run many researches on human rights violations independently and in collaboration with other human rights organization such as Amnesty International, Human rights Watch and Colombia Law School etc…

People Associated With This Organization

Moussa Abdoulaye

Central African Republic  
Coordination des Organizations Des...
Joined August 2017
Interests: Education, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights
Moussa has over 5 years experience in community work defending asylumseekers and refugees' rights in Israel and Europe with Amnestyinternational Israel, African Refugee Development Center (ARDC) andFeinstein International Center.Moussa holds a university degree in El Azhar University in Cairo Egypt.Today Moussa Abdoulaye is an active member of Coordination DesOrganizations De Musulmans Centrafricains (COMUC) involved indefending the rights of the minority and coexistence between differentcommunities in my country (Central African Republic).One of my latest works was in collaboration with the Columbia lawschool focused on the right to education for the Muslim students inCAR who are experiencing many discriminations from the starting of theongoing conflict.I am involved also in developing an education system for thetranshumant (nomad) community side by side with the government, inaddition to the out reaches.
Moussa Abdoulaye is the network champion (main point of contact) for Coordination des Organizations Des Musulmans Centrafricains (COMUC).

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