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Jagat Basnet

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Added on: May 19, 2012

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016

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Founded in 1993, Community Self-Reliance Centre (CSRC) has been at the forefront of land and agrarian rights campaign in Nepal. CSRC educates and organizes people who are deprived of their basic rights to land and empowers them to lead free, secure and dignified lives. Our programmes have focused on strengthening community organizations, developing human rights defenders, improving livelihoods and promoting land and agrarian reform on behalf of the land-poor farmers. Since its establishment, CSRC has constantly worked to transform discriminatory and unjust social relations by organizing landless, land poor and marginalized communities to claim and exercise their rights.
CSRC believes in strong non-violent social movements led by land-poor farmers. Policy advocacy to advance pro-poor land governance and inclusive policies is a central part of CSRC’s work. CSRC believes in the power of people and collaborates with National Land Rights Forum (NLRF), a people’s organization of landless, tenants and smallholder farmers and its branches at districts and the community level. Currently, in collaboration with CSRC, NLRF has been facilitating land and agrarian rights campaign in 54 districts, with a total membership of 98,275.


Community Self-reliance Centre (CSRC) is committed to making the land-poor people self-reliant by supporting their ongoing struggle for ensuring their rights to land.


Foday Fornah

I was born in Freetown on December 25, 1980. I had a very simple and happy childhood, and my only sibling, my younger Sister, would appear one year later after my own birth. Like my dad, I am introverted and am perfectly happy watching quality movies or using a personal computer during my spare time.I lived in Bo Town, Southern Region of Sierra Leone . For one year before I came to Freetown, I lived in the Eastern Area, since my high school graduation. Becoming a Social Worker/full-time ministry has become my plan, especially when I like working with special needs Kids. I planned in working in the field of Education as a Social Worker and Preach the Word of God. Finally, it wouldn't hurt to travel to amazing places, continue to meet wonderful people, further my Education and eventually meet and help young people who are in need.

Sierra Leone

Jagat Deuja

Working with land poor people since 15 years and currently working as an executive director of community self reliance centre (Csrc) and struggling for land rights of farmers and involving policy advocacy


Raj Kumar Tharu

I am law practitioner,always joining the human rights movement to protect right for indigenous ,minorities ,women .landless people like ex-kamaiyas, labor and foreign employis


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