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Joined August 2020

DE-DANOKANIME Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution consultancy services. we offer trainings, seminars on conflict Prevention, management, Resolution, Transformation and Grassroots mobilization.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Education, Family, Labor & Employment, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

DE-DANOKANIME Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution consultancy services is a Company registered in 2016 under the Corporate Affairs Commission as DE-DANOKANIMEA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD. We believe that peace is a Human Right and that all members of society, women, men and youths have the right to be involved and be respected in peace making and peace building efforts. We offer services and Trainings, conference, seminar in Conflict Prevention, Crisis and conflict management, Conflict Resolution, Conflict Transformation, Mediation, Negotiation, Interfaith conflict Resolution, Conflict Analysis Problem Solving workshops, engendering peace processes to ensure women participation, monitoring and evaluation. Having over 18 years Services, trainings, knowledge and experiences in Security, we undertake services on Security Management, Security analysis, Security Adviser, Investigation and Research services. DE-DANOKANIMEA peacebuilding and conflict Resolution offers services to those working so as to prevent, resolve, manage and transform conflict in work place/offices, organizations, institutions, communities, states, national and international levels.

We upholds the highest standards of Truth, integrity and transparency, thereby keeping our clients informed, maintaining confidentiality and seeking to develop long – term relationships with our clients so as to achieve their goals.

In order to build capacity and to be motivated and to make us better at our jobs/services, we incorporate Spirituality in conflict management and conflict resolution work as well as in educational programs.



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Joined August 2020
Interests: Education, Family, Labor & Employment, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
I am into Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution consultancy services in Nigeria based in Port Harcourt, Niger Delta region- South- East. I focus on Conflict Resolution and peacebuilding, community peace peacebuilding, Grassroots mobilization in conflict Resolution, Security management methodologies of interpersonal, communities, and intergroup, organizational conflicts.
My mission is to find solutions to difficult problems by taking control of conflicts rather than being controlled by conflicts and to build a culture of peace among citizens and to the grassroots level.
Diversity and Tribe can be and should be cherished. Normally having the knowledge and understanding that Conflicts is a living thing and with the right mediator or team neutral facilitator, conflict can be constructive, Tribe and race can be a source of strength, and relationships can be transformed. My aim is to help individuals, families, communities, groups, and organizations to not only value and express their unique truths, but to respect other parties and their identities, hence, embracing the culture of peace and conflict resolution; from this comes greater communication, collaboration, and unification.
As a peacebuilding and conflict resolution field, my background in security and conflict resolution offers a uniquely informed perspective and methodologies in the conflict management process.
Thomas Daniel Okanimea holds Bsc in Mass communication and Masters in Peace and Conflict Resolution. He's the founder of DE-DANOKANIMEA PEACEBUILDING & CONFLICT RESOLUTION SERVICES.
With my academic experience, coupled with various fields, professional specialization in security management, Investigation, project management, I facilitate meaningful discussions and solutions for individuals and organizations in dispute. Whether it’s a couple, youths, communities, I help to manage and resolve conflicts at various relational levels and under various contexts. As a passionate conflict resolution professional, I organize and facilitates Training, seminars in conflict management, resolution, Transformations, Negotiation, Mediation, and grassroots mobilization in conflict resolution.
I have attends various courses and I am a professional body/memberships of the following
1. Fellow: FICRPC- Institute of Crisis Resolution, Peacebuilding & Conciliation (ICRPC) Nigeria
2. Fellow: FIMC – Institute of Management Consultancy (IMC)Nigeria
3. Amb. of Peace: Centre for Crisis Prevention and Peace Advocacy (CCPPA) Nigeria
4. Member: Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria
5. Member: International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation professional – the USA
6. Accredited Trainer: International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional, et

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