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EarthRights International

Joined April 2020

I work based in Cambodia to promote community rights which are affected/ being affected by dam development, coal power plant and special economic zone by empowering their rights-based approach.

Presence in: Cambodia
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Governance, Land & Natural Resources

EarthRights believes that the most effective way to achieve this vision and protect peoples’ fundamental rights to life, dignity and a healthy environment is to prevent earth rights abuses before they happen and to demand justice when violations occur. We advocate for transparency and legal accountability at the global and national levels where laws and policies are made; we work to increase power on the ground, where brave individuals and communities lead the movements for a more just and sustainable future.

In the field: Our Campaigns Program conducts thorough investigations and implement advocacy campaigns to expose the links between natural resource exploitation and human rights abuses. We bridge gaps between frontline communities and international institutions to ensure that local voices are included in the development decisions that will impact their lives and environment.

In the classroom: Our Training Program equips emerging civil society leaders with information and tools to more effectively demand their rights in local, regional and international campaigns; we also train advocates, lawyers and judges in human rights and environmental law, and legal strategies to enforce these laws.

In the courtroom: When all else fails, our Legal Program takes perpetrators of earth rights abuses to court. We have challenged some of the world’s most powerful corporations and its worst human rights abusers, and won!

From local to global: We seek to create the missing connections between activists and lawyers to harness strength from the collective diversity of people with whom we work. We forge strategic relationships across the world so that our staff, clients, students, co-counsel, and partners can enhance their advocacy and more effectively address shared challenges.

People Associated With This Organization

Vuthy Sem

EarthRights International
Joined December 2017
Interests: Access to Information, Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Land & Natural Resources
My name is Sem Vuthy ( Vuthy Sem). I am working with EarthRights International to promote community rights to development. I work directly with community members who are affected/being affected by economic development projects such as dam, coal and special economic zone. I work to build up community capacity on human rights and environmental laws and regulations. Through this work, we aim to build the community voice to speak up their concerns, which caused by any form of the development project in the country and link them to the next level of advocacy work to support their entire community campaign.

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