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Echoes of Children’s Voices (ECoV) Uganda

Kampala, Uganda
Joined April 2021

Mission: To engage community in creating a safe environment where children are nurtured to realize their full potential in order to become future agents of change as fulfilled adults.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Gender-based violence, Other

Our Motto:  When Children speak we listen and respond.

We are the Ear that Listens and Responds to the voices of children and the mouth that advocates for their rights.  

Echoes of Children’s Voices (ECoV) Uganda is an indigenous Non-Government organization founded in 2015 as a Community Based Organization(CBO) and registered in 2019 by Uganda National NGO Bureau as a National Non-Government organisation(NGO) with a Vision of a secure and self- sustaining child-centered community. ECoV Uganda intervenes in a wide range of children’s rights issues such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, gender and School based violence, child labour, emotional abuse, children in conflict with the law, early marriages, inheritance/property rights involving children and their mothers and all other forms of violence and the maltreatment of children.            

Echoes of Children’s Voices (ECoV) Uganda was established with the following objectives:

  • To advocate for the protection of children’s rights and to improve the welfare of other marginalized groups in Community.
  • To serve as a national center for the advocacy for the right to quality education, health, and protection of children’s rights.
  • To build community capacity on national programmes and policies in areas of child protection, health, livelihood and education.
  • To network with government and other Civil Society Organizations in strengthening and developing capacities in service delivery to marginalized groups.
  • To promote self-reliance among Children and other vulnerable groups like Women, youth, child mothers, persons living with and affected with HIV /Aids and persons with disabilities.

ECoV Uganda activities revolve around 4 Programmatic areas i.e.

  • Child Protection and Community Mobilization
  • Health access and promotion
  • Advocacy and Livelihood interventions
  • Capacity building and Environmental Protection.

People Associated With This Organization

Galusha Herbert

Echoes of Children’s Voices...
Joined April 2021
Interests: Gender-based violence
I am a Social worker with rich experience in Organizational Development ,Partner Capacity building and Monitoring and Evaluation. I have vast experience in Child Advocacy and working with Child Centred Organizations. I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Sector Planning and Management from Makerere University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication majoring in Development Communication and Public Relations.
I am currently working as the Executive Director to our organization i.e. "Echoes of Children's Voices Uganda" Joining the Network will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and skills with other experts in using different approaches and models of fighting injustice meted to young girls by our their own communities where they live. The network will create an avenue for joint advocacy on the rights of the girl child with other stakeholders especially Governments and other UN agencies. The network will also provide a forum for networking and raising of issues affecting children and also create a forum for generating debate on issues of children's rights and how we can lobby other stakeholders to support the cause of the girl child. The Network will act as a joint forum for fundraising to support initiatives that safeguard the rights of the girl child.
Galusha Herbert is the network champion (main point of contact) for Echoes of Children’s Voices (ECoV) Uganda.

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