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Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth

Cairo, Egypt
Joined June 2012
Presence in: Egypt

The Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth (EULY) was founded in 2007 as a platform for promoting the values of Liberalism among young Egyptians. Since then, EULY has carried out various programs on public participation and new media tools, reaching out to more than 2000 young men and women and administering funds of more than $180,000 dollars from such renowned organizations as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the Open Society Institute (OSI) and Atlas Economic Research Foundation. In 2009, EULY’s work garnered international recognition winning the Templeton Freedom Award for Special Achievement by a Young Institute.

Building on this substantial success, EULY took serious steps towards intellectual and organizational maturity with crucial changes in its leadership and strategy. Today, EULY adheres exclusively to the classical interpretation of Liberalism grounded in the values of Individual Liberty, Minimal Government and Free Market. While seeking to offer a sophisticated and coherent understanding of the problems of our country and our world in accordance with this vision, EULY will spare no effort to tackle these problems through legal and social engagement. However, EULY remains strictly non-partisan and apolitical. We see ourselves as a think tank that seeks to encourage ideas and fruitful debate at the national level and a social movement pursuing legal and economic reform.