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1C, Asvini Atvarika
On the link road from OMR to ECR, Tamil Nadu 603103

+91 7727855512


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Radhika Ganesh

Added on: Mar 02, 2019

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2019

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An activist collective working on cultural identities, and the need to expand political action and advocacy intervention to preserve diversity.

Working with various indigenous, traditional, occupational, nomadic and other minority communities, the collective is engaged in addressing issues of life and livelihood. We works extensively on mobilisation, ideological and legal awareness, with the vision of creating deeper socio-political impact. 

Concerned by the increase in instances of caste and religious violence, and the embroilment of school children in such conflicts, the collective has been focusing on issues of child rights and diversity; identify underlying causes of such conflicts, especially involving juveniles, and execute sustainable interventions from multiple levels, keeping in mind the social and political milieu in which such polarisations take place.

  • Studies into inducement of violent caste and other identity clashes involving juveniles
  • Periodic reports for the consumption of the larger public and the Government
  • Regular village meetings to create social awareness and accord peace
  • Citizen watchdog groups that prevent political intrusions into schools and other spaces used by children
  • Workshops in schools to induce unity, peace and equality amongst students.
  • Regularly host photography exhibitions, film screenings and other events for children to develop exposure to the outside world
  • Fact findings into individual instances of caste, religious and other identity crimes involving juveniles
  • Social and legal support to incarcerated juveniles and parents of children in conflict with the law
  • Advocacy to strengthen the Juvenile Justice System
  • Training and sensitisation for Police on Child Rights and Juvenile Justice Act
  • Creating Special Juvenile Protection Unit (Police) and appoint Child Protection Officers in every district level police stations – as stipulated by the Juvenile Justice Act

    For more details please visit our blog: www.ekpotleeretki.wordpress.com


Radhika Ganesh

I am a social-cultural-political activist and I have spent the better part of the past decade working in the grassroots, in India, on various rights based issues. In 2016, I initiated Ek Potlee Ret Ki (Kaani Nilam), an activist collective that works on Cultural Identities and Diversity. Traveling into some of India’s most remote regions, interacting with various indigenous, traditional, occupational, nomadic and other minority communities, I am developing working systems for addressing issues of erasure of cultural identity - diversity, poverty, and inequity. I also work extensively on juvenile involvement in violent caste based conflicts. Our collective is mobilising communities across the Country to build an alternate peoples’ political platform called NATION (National Alliance of Traditional, Indigenous, Occupational and Nomadic Communities)