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Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization (ECYDO)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Joined May 2022

Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization (ECYDO) is a Civil Society youth-led/focused Organization (CSO) that was founded and legally registered under the Ministry of Justice in the year 2001

Presence in: Ethiopia
Focus: Children's Rights, Gender-based violence, Health, HIV/Aids, Right to Information, Women's Rights

ECYDO strives for an Ethiopia with equal opportunities for girls and boys, for an Ethiopia without HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence. ECYDO strives for an Ethiopia where children and young people can develop and live up to their potential, where nobody is left behind. The main areas of intervention are, Male engagement in HIV/AIDS prevention; sexual and reproductive health rights promotion; fight against gender-based violence including female genital mutilation, early marriage, and teenage pregnancy; Promoting meaningful youth participation and youth leadership development; advocating for the right of social, political and economic entitlement of children, youth and women’s/girl’s; creation of equal opportunities and skills development; removal of barriers in accessing education and services; and environmental Protection. ECYDO focuses on the education and training of young people from both rural and urban areas, especially from disadvantaged settings and groups. ECYDO seeks to tap young talent and power in the fight against poverty and unwanted phenomena. We conduct community and school-based educative and edutainment events and advocacy activities. We often build on peer-to-peer education that serves both as the most natural way of communicating the message as well as a factor showing young people how powerful they are and that they can be the key agents of positive change. ECYDO tries to enhance the education and environment of young people, but does not act as an educator; instead, it encourages the young people to be the educators themselves and empowers them to overtake the responsibility for their lives and the social transformation.

People Associated With This Organization

Sisay Tarekegn

Eshet Children and Youth Development... (Unverified)
Joined May 2022
Interests: Children's Rights, Gender-based violence, Health, HIV/Aids, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Policy Advocacy, Protection & Safety, Women's Rights
I am Executive Director in ECYDO. I have more than 15 years of experience in the NOGs sector. I have a BA degree in Management. My role in ECYDO includes; Major Duties and Responsibilities:
• Facilitates enabling environment and co-ordinates all function organs of ECYDO;
• Co-ordinates the formulation of ECYDO’s short, medium and long-term objectives and overall
policies, rules, regulations and guidelines based on the mission and goals stated in the
Memorandum of the Association;
• Ensures that the mission, strategic goals and policies of ECYDO are well understood by stakeholders;
• Ensures that the strategic plan of ECYDO is serving as a basis for program planning and
organizational development and the progress of implementation is properly recorded, reviewed and
reported to the board of management and other stakeholders;
• Facilitates the formulation of programs, action plans and budget for the functions of ECYDO in
consultation with the Board and General Assembly;
• Represents ECYDO for all legal matters and signs agreements with third parties;
• Approves administrative and financial requests within the power delegated to him by the board;
• Ensures the realization of team spirit, participatory decision-making processes, transparent
management, gender sensitivity, cost effectiveness, staff motivation and the spirit of dedication at
all levels;
• Establishes and maintains relationship and co-operation with government, donors, charities and
other stakeholders to promote the objectives and to build the image as well as credibility of ECYDO;
• Ensures that periodic and regular technical and financial reports are prepared and submitted to the
Board, donors and concerned government partners;
• Reviews the reports submitted by the internal auditor and ensure that recommendations are taken
into account;
• Takes affirmative actions and ensures that gender responsiveness is given adequate attention during
employment, promotion, and other human resource development undertakings;
• Ensures that information on ECYDO and on its operation, experiences and best practices are
documented and shared with other development partners;
• Develop and oversee appropriate publicity and visibility through effective relations with community,
government and media;
• Performs other duties assigned by the Board of ECYDO.

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