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Leonida Odongo

Added on: Jun 08, 2016

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016

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Our vision is a world where people organize to emancipate themselves from all forms of oppression, recognize their social responsibilities, respect each other’s differences and realize their full potential. Fahamu’s mission is strengthening and nurturing the movement for social justice in Africa by generating knowledge to serve activism, bridging the gap between theory and practice, creating learning for, by and across movements, amplifying Africa centred voices, perspectives and solutions in policy and decision making at all levels and creating platforms for analysis and debate.

Fahamu operates through 4 pillars namely: Adilisha, Utetezi, Tuliwaza and Pambazuka. Adilisha is the social education pillar nurturing grassroots activists, community based organizations and across social movements. Pambazuka News is an online platform providing cutting edge analysis of news about Africa. Tuliwaza seeks to promote knowledge and evidence based research from African perspectives, Utetezi provides platforms for Africa-cantered advocacy that strengthens movements and citizens voices in policy agenda setting and implementation while amplifying progressive African voices and decision-making through citizen’s forums, village assemblies as well as formal policy spaces


Evans Wamiru

Law student. Passionate Human Rights defender. Writer. Liverpool fanatic


Leonida Odongo

I am an activist from Kenya. My passion is to amplify grassroots voices on issues affecting them.I have worked with widows, youths, farmers and children living and working on the streets. I am a TOT in economic social and cultural rights , I have sound knowledge on HIV related issues , I have good grasp of political science and how politics shape our day to day world.I'm undertaking a course in conflict resolution. I look forward to learning about various struggles across the world and what strategies have been used to overcome them and with what results. I look forward to learning more about legal issues especially around criminal justice and Public Interest Litigation.