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Fair Life for Miners to End Poverty

We work in Central African Republic on the aspect of human rights and mining law for mining craftsmen

Presence in: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo Republic, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, France, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania
Focus: Labor & Employment

The members of our organization work in close collaboration with the representatives of the communities of mine workers organized in Syndicate to advance the changes on the ground in partnership with the civil society. We support them in capacity building through our steering structure, which is self-financing through the contributions of its members and evaluates the progress of projects to raise awareness of craftsmen on human rights and mining rights. We have a very advanced knowledge of local issues and the population. A national presence through our members and sympathizers constitutes a broad, lasting and effective base for dissemination.The objective of transforming poverty into prosperity that we have set ourselves over the long term, based on justice, challenges all actors in the global mineral value chain to make changes through respect for vulnerable workers. We are considering broader online communication, particularly around the theme of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This involves putting a database online providing information on the level of performance of companies, countries, and/or mining production sites, in relation to the objectives set by the United Nations (SDG 2030).

People Associated With This Organization


Fair Life for Miners to End Poverty (Unverified)
Joined May 2022
Interests: Generalist Legal Services
I chair a Non-Profit that supports small scale mining community and global human rights, whose actions are carried out in Africa in multi-dimensionally poor mining regions. Our various research revealed that small-scale artisanal mining activity often takes place in poor and remote places, where company compliance towards artisan miners are very rarely taken into consideration within artisanal mining communities. Very little protected by law, these artisanal miners are exposed to high risks of eviction and violation of human rights, making them extremely vulnerable to socio-economic shocks (insecurity, food crises, inflation, pandemics, climate, war, etc.). Thus, our goal is to transform artisanal miners into a critical mass of information in order to stem the negative behaviors accepted by analogy because of the lack of access to knowledge and representation of human rights in mining spaces rural areas in Africa, mostly conditioned by tensions and violence. Education in human rights as well as in mining rights allows the mobilization of the living forces to fight impoverishment and fight against inequalities throughout the global value chain of the mining industry, the objective being to establish a sustainable network for the dissemination of education on the legal framework in order to facilitate individual and community mobilization to restore justice in mining communities overwhelmed by the state of extreme deprivation as well as the abusive situations linked to mining.

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