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Fair Trials

London, United Kingdom
Joined May 2017

Fair Trials is an international human rights organisation working to improve the right to a fair trial in criminal proceedings for everyone, through advocacy, campaigning and selected casework.

Presence in: Belgium, United Kingdom, United States
Focus: Criminal Justice

Fair Trials is an international human rights organisation with offices in London, Brussels and Washington, D.C., focused on improving the right to a fair trial in accordance with international standards. Our work is premised on the belief that fair trials are one of the cornerstones of a just society: they prevent lives being ruined by miscarriages of justice, and make societies safer by contributing to transparent and reliable justice systems that maintain public trust. Although universally recognised in principle, in practice the basic human right to a fair trial is being routinely abused. Fair Trials’ work combines: (a) helping suspects to understand and exercise their rights; (b) building an engaged and informed network of fair trial defenders (including NGOs, lawyers and academics); and (c) fighting the underlying causes of unfair trials through research, litigation, political advocacy and campaigns.

People Associated With This Organization

Bruno Min

United Kingdom  
Fair Trials
Joined August 2019
Interests: Criminal Justice
I am a Senior Policy Advisor at Fair Trials, a global criminal justice watchdog that works to promote the right to a fair trial in criminal cases. My interests include international cooperation on criminal justice matters, and discrimination in the criminal justice system.

Gianluca Cesaro

Fair Trials
Joined May 2017
Interests: Criminal Justice
I manage Fair Trials campaigns and communications in the Brussels offices. This includes dealing with media relations, leading on public events and engaging with key networks to build up the office’s public profile as an effective and respected hub of expertise on fair trial rights in Europe.
Gianluca Cesaro is the network champion (main point of contact) for Fair Trials.

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