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Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy (FOHRD)

Monrovia, Liberia
Joined October 2015
Presence in: Liberia
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information

FOHRD is a Liberian NGO working on issues of peace, good governance, human rights justice, environment, natural resource, corruption and poverty. We engage public officials on policy issues, and support local people to actively organize and build communities that are sustainably peaceful, democratically active and assertive, environmentally healthy, socially cohesive and economically inclusive.

At the national level, we identify & define the issue, spread public understanding of and gauge public interest about the issue, conduct power analysis, and negotiate (engage the democratic process by searching for creative solutions with policy makers, exploring different view point and obtaining mutual gains whenever possible, and where our positions conflict, we insist that the result be based on some just and fair standards independent of our interest and their desires). Here, WE SHARE JOINT VICOTRY and JOINT LEADERSHIP with policy makers. When negotiation fails, we build public support around the issue through mass education. Simultaneously, we seek judicial determination of the issue through litigation and administrative proceedings.

At the community level, we build active, organized, and informed citizenship; inspiring, effective, and responsive community leadership, to solve their own problems. We don’t solve community problems by ourselves, or tell communities how to solve their problems. Rather, we engage and organize local communities and offer some hope, technical assistance and education that help local communities identify and solve their own problems, win concrete victories for the cause, and achieve positive change they can see and feel.

Our Team of well trained, highly educated & dedicated professionals, supported by our motivated & hardworking staff, fight every day alongside community members to seek justice, demand accountable use and distribution of natural resources, promote healthy environment, sustain peace and hold public and corporate officials accountable. Our team members have long years of organizational experience, great networking skills and knowledge of the working environment. We understand the context in which we work, and the powerful political, social and economic forces that shape the context.

Mission: To inspire active citizenship and promote public & corporate accountability

Vision: A society of communities with abilities to grow stronger and well-organized with improved living standards.

People Associated With This Organization

J. Aloysius Toe

Foundation for Human Rights and...
Joined October 2015
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information, Traditional / Customary Justice
A human rights activist of long standing in Liberia, and a lawyer with interest in environmental justice, protecting community lands, using the law to empower grassroots communities, promote social change, and achieve economic justice
J. Aloysius Toe is the network champion (main point of contact) for Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy (FOHRD).

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