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Friends of Nature

Beijing, China
Joined April 2021

Mission Friends of Nature strives to promote public awareness of environmental issues and create platforms for public participation in environmental decision-making.

Presence in: China
Focus: Environmental Justice, Policy Advocacy

Friends of Nature (FON) is the oldest environmental NGO in China. From their founders Prof. Liang Congjie, Prof. Yang Dongping, Ms. Liang Xiaoyan, and Mr. Wang Lixiong, they have grown into an organization with over 10,000 volunteers and 14 local member groups throughout China. Friends of Nature was founded by a group of concerned Chinese intellectuals in Linglong Park, Beijing, on June 5th, 1993, as an NGO pioneer of Chinese environmentalism. Officially registered at the State Ministry of Civil Affairs on March 31st, 1994, they are a sanctioned non-governmental organization promoting environmentalism and sustainable living in mainland China. They have been working for nearly two decades to promote awareness about China’s most pressing environmental problems. Historically, they have focused on protecting endangered species (notably the Tibetan antelope and the snub-nosed monkey), as well as environmental education through camps, field trips, and most importantly, teacher training; and awareness-raising campaigns such as photo exhibitions and publications. Though they have achieved significant victories for nature, Friends of Nature’s greatest achievement has been helping to foster a growing network of grassroots environmental NGOs throughout China. They firmly believe that environmental education increases awareness, and awareness increases citizen participation. It is through the participation of all Chinese citizens that China can finally achieve the dream of a society in harmony with nature.

Vision – To live in a society in harmony with nature, where every individual shall have the right to enjoy nature’s beauty and share safe and clean natural resources.

Mission – Friends of Nature strives to promote public awareness of environmental issues and create platforms for public participation in environmental decision-making. FON is committed to helping its members proactively undertake their responsibilities as both green citizens and green consumers.

People Associated With This Organization

Maggie MA

Friends of Nature
Joined April 2021
Interests: Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
I work with a Chinese grassroots environmental NGO named Friends of Nature (FON) as a public interest environmental lawyer since 2015. We file public interest litigation in China according to China's new environmental protection law which enables NGOs to sue polluters in the name of public interest. We filed cases about air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination (heavy metal) as well as ecological destruction. In recent years, I've been interested in the environmental problems caused by Chinese Outbound investment, especially under the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative). By joining this network, I want to encourage myself as well as other people by knowing more about each other's work, and most importantly, I want to work together with lawyers and legal practitioners all over the world to solve some problems.
Maggie MA is the network champion (main point of contact) for Friends of Nature.

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