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Fundación María de los Ángeles

The María de los Ángeles Foundation is the first NGO in the country that provides Comprehensive, Free and Long Term Assistance to the victim of the crime of trafficking in persons.

Presence in: Argentina
Focus: Gender-based violence, Labor & Employment, Women's Rights


Three locations located in the cities of San Miguel de Tucumán, Córdoba and Buenos Aires. Each headquarters has an interdisciplinary team made up of Social Workers, Psychologists and Lawyers, who work in an articulated manner in each assisted case. The main actions carried out in each headquarters are:

The approach to the crime of trafficking in persons is carried out at two levels:

1. Crime prevention

These are activities that are carried out at the inter-institutional level, through talks and / or training. It is necessary to emphasize that the awareness of this problem becomes relevant when intervening with the potential victims, who are vulnerable to this scourge, either because of the conflictive situation of their family group, where they leave the home; or because of the poverty situation that it is going through.

2. Intervention with the victims

Immediate assistance is provided for the victims and their children, aimed at satisfying the needs of first urgency, but it is sought to transcend this merely assistance measure, through the integral promotion of the victims of trafficking, understanding, therefore, the possibility of generating actions that facilitate the processes of personal and social transformations that contribute to creating a life project for self-improvement.

It is necessary to accompany victims of human trafficking in health, education and productive aspects useful for the daily reproduction of their lives.

The Foundation is the first in the country to be a plaintiff specialized in trials for human trafficking. The expertise of our teams allowed the Foundation to initiate this action in 2015 and to be a plaintiff in 6 trials for trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, in just two years. In each complaint, the Foundation appoints an interdisciplinary team to carry out the accompaniment in an integral manner.

People Associated With This Organization

Laura Rolla

Fundación María de los Ángeles
Joined November 2017
Interests: Gender-based violence
Susana Trimarco luego del secuestro y desaparición de su hija , creó la Fundación con la misión de brindar asistencia integral a las víctimas así como también recibir denuncias y ofrecer contención y asesoramiento a familiares, a través de la terapia, la posibilidad de elaborar las situaciones traumáticas vividas para ayudarlas a conformar un nuevo proyecto de vida; y realizando un relevamiento social que permita detectar sus carencias y gestionar lo imprescindible para cubrir todas sus necesidades.

Otro foco de acción de esta institución es la capacitación sobre la trata de personas orientada a jueces, fiscales, operarios policiales y la sociedad en general, la cual permite fortalecer las herramientas que tenemos para combatir éste delito y sensibilizar para que se comprendan en profundidad sus implicancias.
Laura Rolla is the network champion (main point of contact) for Fundación María de los Ángeles.

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