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Global Network for Equality

Tirunelveli, India
Joined June 2016
Presence in: India
Focus: Criminal Justice, Education, Family, Generalist Legal Services, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements

A group of like-minded people have come together to start a service organization for the welfare of the children of prisoners and of the convicts themselves. Prisoners who kill their spouse in domestic disputes leave behind children who are orphaned. With no one to care for them, the life of the orphaned children becomes hard and full of challenges as they face social exclusion and stigmatization, aside the trauma of violence. Often due to the absence of support from a caregiver, they may indulge in criminal activities. The living condition of these children is a very disturbing scenario.

Our vision is to take care of such children and to reduce re-offending rate in India. GNE aims to bring positive change in the lives of prisoners and their families.

To reconstruct the lives of the children of prisoners and to eliminate the social stigma attached to them.

To provide appropriate care, education, emotional support and conducive environment to the children of prisoners in India to enable them to cope with parental imprisonment and reduce the rate of re-offending as they redefine their lives

People Associated With This Organization

Raja K R

Global Network for Equality
Joined June 2016
Interests: Criminal Justice, Education, Family, Generalist Legal Services, Health, Livelihoods
I am K.R.Raja, graduated with a Masters Degree in social work from Pondicherry University in 2010. As part of course requirements I made many field visits and interacted with various people facing varied difficulties. For instance I met people with psychiatric disorders, others who had sold their kidneys for survival among other categories. I served them passionately and felt that that we can make a difference in the lives of others. There are always people around us who need someone’s help. The question is can I be that person!

I also conducted a research in the prisons to identify psychopathic deviation and adjustment patterns of prisoners during my second year in the University. I was confronted with stiff opposition from my lecturer when I told him about my intent to conduct a research in prison. He cited government procedures. I convinced him and then he allowed me to proceed. After my research the visits I made to prisoners’ homes revealed much.

Before I proceed, let me share something about the family structures in India. The joint family is giving way to nuclear families. There are no elders to guide them and due to family problems and frustrations, rate of murder has increased. The man murders the wife leaving the children alone. The man is taken to jail where he serves a period of jail not less than 14 years. The question remains ‘ what is the fate of the innocent children’?

I felt the need to establish a home where these children could grow, be educated, healthy and morally strong. When I discussed this with others, the desire to help these children was born and a few of us who were like minded decided to establish a NGO in India.

By joining the network, I would like to contribute something by sharing forgotten children's stories which could benefit those invisible children whose parent incarcerated in the prison.
Raja K R is the network champion (main point of contact) for Global Network for Equality.

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