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GOTITAS DE ESPERANZA, A.C. (in English: little drops of hope)

Transfer knowledge to grassroots level bringing the best and innovative legal practices and development initiatives to make the law works and benefits everyone, particularly for those who cannot afford excellent legal advice like poor people, indigenous, and city councils of small and remote towns (which are the closest authorities to population). Educate people not only about what are their rights but how to enforce them in the most effective manner: constitutional litigation for the protection of human rights. By these means we look for engaging current and future generations in a new culture of respect to the law and institutions. We look for supporting the consolidation of the rule of law and democratic governance because we recognize that is a key element for integral development for everyone. Accordingly, we seek for being a real agent of change through the proper and strategic enforcement of law, legal empowerment, fostering citizen participation, and by improving public services to realize more human rights for more people.