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Mombasa, Coast



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Andrew Ochola

Added on: Jan 16, 2016

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016

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Haki Centre is a registered Non-Governmental, non-partisan human rights organization working within the coastal region of Kenya. The organization was formed in 2006 by a group of young vibrant youths to promote the progressive realization of human rights in the region, by ensuring communities’ ownership and active engagement in the struggles for justice, good governance and equity.

The name Haki is a Swahili for Rights. As such, Haki Centre advocates for Rights Based Approach (RBA) to development and governance. We are cognizant of the fact that the realization of Human rights ought to be the goal of all development processes, and governance manages development. For this reason, there is need for a deliberate effort to mainstream human rights in governance.

Haki centre underscores the fact that rights come with responsibilities and Citizens must play their role to enjoy those rights. The 2010 constitution also requires the public to participate actively in processes/issues affecting them for devolution to succeed. In this regard, Haki centre empowers communities to “act and engage” for change and progress from an informed perspective. The organization works to bring community-driven, practical and sustainable solutions to community problems.

Haki Centre’s Project activities are mainly undertaken at the grassroots level with the support of local communities who are not only beneficiaries but also partners in implementation. Haki Centre is also a member of grassroots, regional and national network of organizations working in Citizenship, Land, Peace and Security, and Governance.

To achieve its goals, Haki Centre has organized its interventions in four main thematic areas. These include; Peace building and conflict management; Increasing Communities’ access, use and benefits of Land and Natural Resources; Enhancing Citizens’ Participation in Good Governance and Social Accountability at all Levels; and Promotion of Equity and non-discrimination within the Coastal region of Kenya.


Amani Ngoro

Am a community paralegal at haki centre. Am practising law and helping the communities on the importance of acquiring legal documents


Amos Mwachiro

Young Kenyan activist had been in the field for the last 5 years fighting for different issues currently working with Haki centre as programmes officer on citizenship projects. last five years I have been pushing for social change on the policies using campaigns and other advocacy methods


Amos Mwatata

I am working with Haki centre Mombasa-Kenya as paralegal on issues of statelessness and land rights within coast region.


Andrew Ochola

I work to build local voices and to empower communities to stand up for their rights and to take an active part in (positive) change targeted interventions. The promotion of justice, good governance, and equity is at the core of my work. I'm here to interact with like minded individuals for peer to peer learning, experience, and best practice sharing, and also to be part of a larger community that can make change happen through collective advocacy.


Hemed Mwafujo

I am a paralegal


Khadija Shelali

Khadija musa community parallegal haki center


Mwaka Abdallah

I am a paralegal based in Mombasa working with Haki center


Mwanatumu Kadau

I am a paralegal working with Haki Centre in Mombasa Kenya


Phelix Lore

A human Rights defender at the Coastal region of Kenya. Has been working on the field of citizenship for over 2 years. Would like to share experience with others on areas of interest.


Rosemary Kamau

Rosemary Kamau is a Bachelor of Arts graduate in community development from Daystar University and over the past 5 years has worked with Non-Governmental Organizations in Mombasa and Nairobi on livelihoods, health, orphans and vulnerable children, refugees and stateless programming. On November 2018, she joined Haki Centre in Mombasa and has been working as a project assistant in the Citizenship project. Her main roles entail organizing stateless community meetings which inform programming and fundraising for complimentary programs that would alleviate the poverty levels for stateless communities living in the Coastal region, mobilizing and organizing mobile birth registration exercises and engaging stakeholders on meetings aimed at addressing the stateless community needs. She is passionate about community service and she believes the network provides numerous learning opportunities on statelessness, which will translate to more productivity in serving the stateless communities


Zuhura Nyevu

I am Zuhura and based in Mombasa working with Haki Center as a paralegal