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Raamweg 16 Den Haag

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Network Champion: Main point of contact for this organization. Maintains this page and ensures organization makes the most of network membership.
Bram Van Kersbergen

Added on: Sep 16, 2019

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Hivos is a humanist organization that strives for a free, fair and sustainable world. Hivos seeks new and creative solutions to persistent global problems.

Hivos believes that every human being has the right to live in freedom and dignity, and that we are all free to be who we are, with respect for our individual gender and sexual identity. Living such a life means feeling free to believe and say what you want, to challenge governments and influence the established order. In exercising that freedom, we also carry the responsibility of not impinging on the freedom of others, and of respecting the natural limitations of the earth.


Bram Van Kersbergen

Web coördinator at Hivos


Evelien van Egmond

Hi! I am Evelien and working at Hivos. Hivos is an international non-profit organization, working on various topics like freedom of expression and sustainable food. Interested? Have a look at hivos.org! Within Hivos, I am working in a small team on innovation and learning. We are an internal unit to support colleagues worldwide on testing new project ideas in a simple way and to learn a lot during this testing period. I am interested to explore how Discourse works for online communities. Namati looks very interesting!