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Geneva, Switzerland
Joined July 2016
Presence in: Switzerland

HURIDOCS is an international NGO helping human rights organisations use information technologies and documentation methods to maximise the impact of their advocacy work.

We develop tools and techniques, and provide advocates with customised training and support.

HURIDOCS is also an informal, open and decentralised network of human rights organisations who wish to put together their experiences and creativity to develop common standards and tools for information management. Membership is open to all.

By virtue of its nature as an inclusive network, HURIDOCS is the ideal forum to ensure that common approaches standards are developed in a collaborative and inclusive manner. This facilitates the exchange of information.

The network structure also makes it possible to draw on the experience of its members: indeed most of the tools were developed by task forces which included human rights workers from all over the world, and from various disciplines.

For more than three decades HURIDOCS has been actively involved in promoting and providing documentation techniques, monitoring methods, information management systems and technologies in the defense of human rights.

In that time we have developed standards and thesauri for human rights reporting, guidebooks for the human rights community, computer based tools for the documentation of human rights violations and the classification of library documents, and search technology to provide speedy access to human rights information. We also work with organisations to maximise the impact of their information by building websites tailored to the needs of human rights organisations.


People Associated With This Organization

Diego Toledo Bugarini

Joined March 2022
Interests: Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Refugees & Migrant Rights, Right to Information
I have studied International Relations (B.A.) at Universidad Católica de Córdoba. I also took part in an exchange program at Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá thanks to a scholarship, where I mostly learned about peace research and conflict resolution. I am interested in, and have experience related to M&E, research and community building in topics related to humanitarian work (mostly forced displacements) and human rights. My focus in on Latin America. At HURIDOCS, I have been part of the Knowledge Collaboration team, where we developed resources for human rights defenders focused on preparing for a database, and planning theinformation you need. We conducted interviews and designed surveys for HURIDOCS community of practice and eached out to some new organizations.
I have been responsible for translating these resources into Spanish, as part of a broader effort of mine to engage Latin American organizations in this process. In addittion, I have assisted in other tasks, including fundraising, events' organization, uploading and updating content on Wordpress, and drafting user personas.
By joining the network, I want to be updated on learning and job opportunities, as well as engaging in some of community channels that are of my interest.

Kristin Antin

United States  
Joined July 2016
Interests: Traditional / Customary Justice
Community Knowledge Manager for HURIDOCS

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