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Aditia Bagus Santoso

Added on: Mar 16, 2015

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2017

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At first, in 1970, about tens of poor people were helped by Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (“ILAF”) in Jakarta. In 1980’s, we have 14 offices and 15 posts in 15 provinces from Aceh to Papua, and provide legal aid for thousands of people, not only the poor (economic level), but also marginalized (social, political and cultural), and oppressed (physical and psychological) people, in all sex/gender and age. Legal Aid which ILAF provided, includes case handling and advocacy (litigation); education and empowerment of public legal resources (especially for the victims); research, study and advocacy of policy (laws and legislation), campaign and publications.

We found that, the basic problems, firstly, structural poverty that resulted the unemployment, mass dismissal, homeless, inadequate living standards in urban area, forced evictions for public policy on business development, etc. Then, the scope of problems has expanded, including human rights violations during the authoritarian regime of new order, which resulted a number of oppression and repression to the pro-democracy activists. Recently, ILAF also provide legal aid for the specific cases on the protection of vulnerable groups (woman and children), LGBT issues, persons with disability, and religious minority groups.

In 2005, we initiated the establishment of Law Number 16 Year 2011 regarding Legal Aid.


Aditia Bagus Santoso

Director of Pekanbaru Legal Aid Institution affiliated with Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation. Working for legal aid, helping in legal aspect for empowerement poor people, weak people and marginal people in Indonesia


Daud Frans

I'm serious work for justice seeker, I'm joining the network for building the networking to share about law development and share about law enforcement in the other country in the world for strengthening networking for justice colaboration...



I work for Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation


Febi Yonesta

I have been involved in human rights lawyering since 2005. My focus are freedom of religion, refugee, and community legal empowerment. I am currently co-chairing the Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation and in charge for organizational development. I am also chairing an association so called SUAKA that focus in advocating refugee rights in Indonesia.


Hirson Kharisma

I am a public interest lawyer at Bandung Legal Aid Institute. It is an organization which stands under the Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation, or YLBHI –Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia which providing legal aid for the poor, law illiteracy, suppressed people and human rights advocacy I hope by joining this network i can build the network for campaign and international advocacy. And i can learn advocacy strategy from another region/country.


I Made Artha Dermawan

Lawyer and Volunteer


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