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Instituto de Investigación y Capacitación Pedagógica Social

La Paz, Bolivia
Joined March 2017

Nonprofit organization, works in the empowerment of vulnerable populations through the knowledge of their rights and their duties. It conducts research and training

Presence in: Bolivia
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Education, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods, Traditional / Customary Justice


Be a reference in training, research, social and educational promotion at the national level, providing an innovative service, to enable men and women of the different areas and without distinction of age to be inserted in decision and productive spaces and contribute to the integral development of Bolivia.


Compared to the education deficit both in quantity, quality and relevance which affects regular and alternative education, the IIPS is an instance that since civil society develops actions aimed at strengthening skills and competencies inherent to the exercise of citizenship, validity of human rights, empowerment, productive ventures and development of critical awareness in the subjects of regular and alternative education emphasizing to the promotion and fortifications of the urban and rural female population.


  • Investigate the educational and social problems of the country in the prospect of generating knowledge to prepare proposals of contextualized solutions.
  • Actions for training and promotion in the social, educational and productive field from the respect and observance of human rights, to improve the quality of life through education and productive training in the school and extra-school fields.
  • Develop programs and alternative projects that may be applicable to the education system and the social field in general to provide transformation and qualitative improvement of education building it a factor of development and release of persons and peoples.
  • Produce and disseminate training reflection and analysis materials in different media: printed material, audio and video, interactive approach.
  • Perform baselines, diagnoses and evaluations of programs and projects, with a participatory approach.


Democracy; community participation; validity and respect for human rights; defense of public education; Equal opportunities for all; Equity; Elimination of all forms of discrimination

People Associated With This Organization

Mario Quintanilla

Instituto de Investigación y...
Joined March 2017
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Education, Gender-based violence
I am educationalist, specializing in research and adult education, working with rural communities promoting the strengthening of the exercise of citizenship and human rights, from the current situation in which it has no access to fundamental rights. The main idea is to make education a tool for individual and collective development in the line of continuous learning throughout life and achieve the objectives of sustainable development.
Currently I am the Executive director of the Instituto de Investigacion y Capacitación Pedagogica Social (IIPS) organization that develops actions of access to the justice from the population vulnerable in areas rural of women and young. The IIPS is part of national and regional networks such as the Capitulo Boliviano de Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo (CBDHDD), and the Consejo de Educación de Adultos de America Latina (CEAAL).
Mario Quintanilla is the network champion (main point of contact) for Instituto de Investigación y Capacitación Pedagógica Social.

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