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International Accountability Project

New York, United States
Joined February 2016
Presence in: Brazil, Malawi, Thailand, Uganda, United States
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Right to Information

IAP works for a world in which all people can shape the decisions that affect their homes, environment and communities.

IAP is a human rights advocacy organization that seeks to end forced eviction and create new global policy and practice for development that respects people’s homes, environment and human rights.

Our two main areas of work, Change the Rules and Support the Frontlines, have four programmatic initiatives.

In total, IAP works to win policy change, boost local advocacy efforts, and support grassroots activists and communities to access influential decision-making spaces. We seek to advance development principles and projects that prioritize human rights.

IAP gives strategic advice and tools for resistance directly to communities and organizations addressing the funders of harmful development projects. IAP uses the knowledge it gains from individual campaigns to advance broader human rights protections at international and regional banks.

People Associated With This Organization

Alexandre Andrade Sampaio

International Accountability Project
Joined September 2016
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Other, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information, Traditional / Customary Justice
I'm a lawyer and activist working as policy and programs coordinator for IAP in the LAC region.

Gustavo Zullo

International Accountability Project
Joined March 2022
PhD on Economics, and working as researcher ar IAP. Provide assistance to IAP's coordination in LAC lead the Early Warning System WG at IAP. Joining the network would allow me to improve my connection to NAMATI (our new partner in LAC) and our work together.

Jocelyn Medallo

International Accountability Project
Joined July 2020
Interests: Environmental Justice
As the Deputy Director at the International Accountability Project, a human rights and environmental organization that works to advance community-led development, I have the privilege of working with our teams n Asia Pacific, Africa/MENA, and Latin America to increase access to meaningful remedy and reinforce community-led campaigns.

Jocelyn Medallo

International Accountability Project
Joined March 2012

John Mwebe

International Accountability Project
Joined August 2017
Interests: Environmental Justice, Labor & Employment, Right to Information
John works for the International Accountability Project advocating for the rights of people or communities affected by the implementation of harmful development projects.

Ryan Schlief

United States  
International Accountability Project
Joined September 2016
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods, Traditional / Customary Justice, Women's Rights
Ryan Schlief is the Executive Director of the International Accountability Project (IAP). A life-long activist, Ryan has led local and global human rights campaigns specializing in economic and social rights for 20 years.

Ryan serves on the Board of ESCR-Net - an international network that connects over 280 NGOs, social movements and advocates across more than 75 countries to build a global movement to make human rights and social justice a reality for all.

Ryan is a co-founder, and serves on the Steering Committee of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development – an international network of more than 100 organizations demanding human and environmental rights in development.

Thien Hoang

International Accountability Project (Unverified)
Joined March 2019
Thien Hoang is a community organizer and communication specialist based in Thailand, at the International Accountability Project.

Contributed Resources:

Tom Weerachat

International Accountability Project
Joined February 2016
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency
Tom Weerachat is a community trainer, teacher, traveler, and Mekong activist hailing from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he currently lives and works. As the Global Lead on Community-Led Advocacy for the International Accountability Project, Tom supports local communities and civil society groups assert their right to information and meaningful participation in development processes. Tom has many years of experience working with local communities on community-led research and advocacy in Southeast and South Asia. Tom has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Chiang Mai University.

Contributed Resources:

Vaishnavi Varadarajan

International Accountability Project
Joined June 2022
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Organizing, Environmental Justice, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Policy Advocacy, Right to Information, Women's Rights
I am a human rights and environment researcher, community organiser and activist based in Delhi, India. The focus areas of my work have been on the intersection of gender rights, climate justice and community- led development. I am currently working as the South Asia Community Organiser at the International Accountability Project. By joining the legal empowerment network, I am hoping to have access to resources and training material and co-learn with other experts and organizations in the network.

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