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International Human Rights Commission

Beirut , Lebanon
Joined February 2012
Presence in: Lebanon

The Mission of the International Human Rights Commission shall be to:

Facilitate the creation of cooperative networks and economic development programs enlisting and involving financial institutions, traditional and alternative energy producers, private enterprises, diplomatic representations, universities, governmental bodies and other concerned parties;

Promote human rights peace, gender equality, health, equality, economic development and educational access, awareness regarding the rights of women, children and youth in developing nations and where ever needed;

Broaden the understanding of sustainable economic development and promote the implementation and dissemination of norms, rules and guidelines that apply to this field;

Assist developing nations by identifying and retaining businessmen, professionals and scholars willing to act as human Rights advisors to their diplomatic and consular network;

Develop, establish and maintain ‘Sister’ relationships with institutions and like minded organizations located in high GNP countries and developing countries.

Strengthen and support to all Nation’s capacity to engage in Sustainable Development through educational access, relief programs, ecological and bioethical reflection and action, while taking into consideration the traditional social and cultural values of each Nation.

People Associated With This Organization

Blaise Chamanngo

International Human Rights Commission
Joined August 2015
Blaise Chamango has six years of experience working in human rights and community development. He holds a Bsc in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Buea, where he studied basics of Human Rights and International Relations. He completed his Diploma in Project Management (PMP) in 2012, where he supervised small community development projects while ongoing training.

Blaise has a strong passion for human rights, equal opportunity, and gender issues. Above all, Blaise champions sustainable development and social responsibility. Blaise is currently the director of Human IS Right, a rights based organization aiming at curbing human rights abuses within detention centers while advocating for a more unbiased justice system in Cameroon.

Javed Bungree

International Human Rights Commission
Joined May 2021
Interests: Criminal Justice, Education, Family, Governance, Accountability & Transparency
Working as a volunteer coordinator, you'll manage all elements of volunteering either within your own organisation or on behalf of the organisation for which you are recruiting volunteers. The role involves assessing and meeting an organisation's needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers. You'll manage volunteers and the relationships with those they come into contact with, including employees and service users of an organisation. You'll also monitor, evaluate and accredit volunteers. Volunteer coordinators work across the public and private sectors but are roles are mostly found in the third (voluntary, charitable and community) sector. The role of a volunteer coordinator has gained increased recognition as a profession within its own right, although in smaller charities it is sometimes combined with another role.

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