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Intersex Nigeria (Center for Healthcare Development and Youth Empowerment)

Intersex-Nigeria enlighten and advocate about intersex rights through education, social engagements, building community for intersex persons, and providing psychological and well-being programs.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Children's Rights, Community Organizing, Community Paralegals, Gender-based violence, LGBTQI+ Rights, Policy Advocacy, Right to Information

INTERSEX NIGERIA was founded in 2019 and formally registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as Centre for Healthcare Development and Youth Empowerment on September 24, 2021 with registration number: 166451. The organization is founded and governed by intersex persons, the board structure of the organization and staff structure make up over 80% intersex persons. We believe that not belonging to a particular community, will be hard to fully understand and represent the struggles and demand for the recognition and inclusion of the target rights. We are particular about growing a movement of intersex persons who will continuously achieve the organization’s vision and goals. We work with intersex persons of different age, race, ethnicity, religion, health status, educational background, economic status, sexual orientation, sex variations, gender identity and expression. We also recognize that multiple discrimination and intersectionality’s are essential to the organization’s work and activities.

A society where intersex persons, from birth, have rights to bodily integrity and autonomy and are free from stigma and discrimination.

To create an enabling society that promotes the visibility, inclusion, bodily autonomy, sexual and reproductive health including mental wellbeing, and human rights of intersex persons in Nigeria, through community organizing, research, advocacy, and public engagements using a feminist lens.

The goal of the organization is to improve the lives of intersex persons in Nigeria.


People Associated With This Organization

Obioma Chukwuike

Intersex Nigeria (Center for Healthcare...
Joined March 2021
Interests: Children's Rights, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, LGBTQI+ Rights, Women's Rights
I am an intersex and human rights activist and advocate, and an environmental manager. I am looking for network of professional, where resources are shared and best practices exchanged.
I am particular about intersex rights and ways to create effective change in norms, laws and policies that limit peoples existence. It's is my understanding that growth is dynamic, requires efficient dedication in learning about things that can bring sustainable change to better world we all seek to have.
Obioma Chukwuike is the network champion (main point of contact) for Intersex Nigeria (Center for Healthcare Development and Youth Empowerment).

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