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Lagos, Nigeria
Joined March 2021

Our mission is to create an awareness and visibility of Intersex persons through public education and social engagements. We provide well-being support and advocacy for Intersex Rights.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Gender-based violence, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights
Intersex-Nigeria was founded in 2018 and became an organization in 2019. The intersex-led organization was founded by an intersex person from Nigeria who lived the pain and stigmatization meted on them for being intersex. The ugly situations of intersex population in Nigeria includes intersex genital mutation on intersex babies, violent abuse and killings of intersex persons, misogyny against intersex women, discrimination and lack of understanding of what intersex means.
Organizers decided to form the first intersex-led organization in Nigeria to create public awareness of intersex understanding, create visibility and community building for intersex persons and advocate for the rights of intersex persons which includes; rights to bodily integrity, rights to non-pathologization of intersex persons, ending stigma and discrimination, creating visibility for intersex people, ending the killing of intersex babies due to cultural beliefs and ending non-consensual medical intervention on intersex persons and non-consensual surgeries on intersex babies.
The mission of the group is to create awareness about intersex through public education and social engagements, build a community space for intersex persons to co-habit, provide psychological and well-being support for intersex persons in Nigeria, and advocate for intersex rights in Nigeria.

People Associated With This Organization

Obioma Chukwuike

Intersex-Nigeria (Unverified)
Joined March 2021
Interests: Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Women's Rights
I am a human rights activist and environmental manager. I am looking for network of professional, where resources are shared and pool of knowledge. It's is my understanding that growth is dynamic, requires efficient dedication in learning about things that can bring sustainable change to better world we all seek to have.

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