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Job Justice Institute

Johannesburg, South Africa
Joined March 2014
Presence in: South Africa

Core Competencies: To carry out the Promotion of Access to Information Act of 2000 as enshrined in the constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
1. To conduct countrywide workshops on Labor Rights
2. To help vulnerable workers with advise that will help them take well informed labor dispute decisions.
3. To enlighten new applicants approaching the CCMA for the first time on how to be able to defend themselves against corrupt commissioners and lawyers at arbitration hearings.
4. To conduct research on the state of the workplace in the South African job market.
5. To provide statistics in terms of jobs created and job losses with valid reasons that will back it up.
6. To eradicate corruption against vulnerable independent workers. E.g. Private Sector employees, Temporary Workers employed by the small business sector and other.
7. To establish provincial branches/offices that will carry out services to vulnerable workers countrywide.
8. To promote skills development to law students from higher institutions of learning.
9. To show workers (employed and dismissed) from their jobs their rights, responsibilities and obligations.

People Associated With This Organization

Harry Mabaso is the network champion (main point of contact) for Job Justice Institute.

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