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Yasinto Okot Okidi

Added on: Jul 05, 2019

Justice and Peace Commission works in Uganda especially in Acholi Sub region

Justice and Peace Commission was started in 1979, but finally establish in 1986 in Uganda as a response to the call made by Pope Paul VI in his encyclical on Development of peoples (dated March 1967) wherein he asked for the establishment of a pontifical council of Justice and Peace in the Roman Curia and similar commissions in every national and diocesan local catholic churches, throughout the world. Justice and Peace Commission Gulu Archdiocese was started in 1993, but became fully operational in 2001, with an office opened in Gulu. Each of the catholic dioceses has a diocesan justice and peace commission with commission members appointed by the area bishop. JPC Gulu Archdiocese covers all the districts of Acholi sub region which are; Amuru, Gulu, Nwoya, Lamwo, Kitgum, Agago and Pader.


To contribute towards building a society where people understand, live by protect and promote the core values of human life, peace, justice, democracy and special care for the vulnerable through advocacy, education and information together with the communities.


A just and Peaceful society where human rights and dignity for all are respected and upheld


The core values of the Archdiocese of Gulu Justice and Peace Commission are the social teachings of the Church including but not limited to love, Non-discrimination, Humanity, Peace, Non Violence, Justice, Inclusiveness, Equality, Dedication, Honesty, transparency, Truthfulness, Openness and fairness

Thematic Area

JPC Gulu has three core thematic area namely; Peace building, Human rights and good governance and Research, Documentation and advocacy.


Yasinto Okot Okidi

I am Okot Yasinto Okidi from Gulu Archdiocese-Northern Uganda. My expertise is in area of Human rights and peace building. I also do documentary especially the clip. I am looking forward to share my knowledge with the members on this network and learn from them as well. I am a programme office working with Justice and Peace department of Gulu Archdiocese.